5 Simple Secrets For Back Pain Relief While Sitting

Today, a large percentage of people suffer from back pain throughout the world. This is often due to our lifestyle choices and modern living. We often commute long distances, which require long periods of sitting and driving without a break, working in front of a computer for the whole day without taking a break or stretching our body from time to time, and other risks arise due to not exercising regularly, not eating a proper healthy diet, and the list goes on and on. This is of course makes back pain a lifestyle disorder. So, preventing back pain is easy. If you can follow a regular exercising routine, you will see improvements.
Many treatments are available for back pain relief, but back pain can often seem to recur often. However, there are ways to prevent back pain. Here are 5 simple secrets for back pain relief while sitting.


5 Simple Secrets For Back Pain Relief While Sitting

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If you have lower back pain, sitting at an office desk all day can aggravate your symptoms.


The University of Michigan Health System offers these suggestions for managing back pain at work:


1/ Make sure your feet are flat on the floor, either by adjusting the seat or using a footrest.


2/ If your chair doesn’t offer sufficient lower back support, place a rolled towel or small cushion behind you.


3/ Make sure your reading materials are at eye level.


4/ Set up your desk so all supplies are easily reached; don’t lean, bend or twist at the waist.


5/  Take regular breaks to stand up, stretch and move around.


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If you have to sit and work the whole day on a chair and a table, then the ideas above are some that you can always keep in mind. You should practice them every day. This will not only keep your back healthy, but it will keep you clear of back pain. It will also help if you can maintain a good posture, and you will stay clear of back pain for longer. So, please do not forget these 5 simple secrets for back pain relief while sitting.

In this video from back expert Jesse Cannone, he discusses correct posture while sitting.





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