6 Back Pain Relief Tips


Millions of people suffer from back pain every year. Are you one of them? If so, then you must know that back pain does not have one particular treatment that cures it permanently. You will know what treatment is best for you, as what really works for one person does not necessarily work on someone else. Everyone hopes that treatment will cure their back pain. Below are 6 back pain relief tips for your information. You can always try them out, and see if they work for you.



 6 Back Pain Relief Tips

back pain relief tips

Here Are 6 Great Back Pain Relief Tips To Help Alleviate Your Back Pain



Many activities strain your back without you even thinking. Cycle commuters are particularly prone to back pain as the rotation to look over your shoulder when turning right can be quite intensive. Make sure you warm yourself up, especially if you have been sitting immobile for a period before you undertake exercise.



Lots of people these days go to classes that are very stretch-intensive, like yoga. When doing these, you should bear in mind that your body takes a while to warm up. Always stretch slowly. Hold a stretch and wait – never stretch against pain, you will just cause yourself damage.



Sitting in the same position for hours is the main culprit here – always try to get up to relieve tension after working at a computer. This is even more relevant if you’re using a laptop, which can be very intensive for your back.



Lots of City people use the gym as a way of taking some of the stress out of their day. This can mean really hitting the equipment – but this can be counter-productive and even damaging. While working out is great for your overall health, if you are using the equipment too vigorously or too fast, you can create tension in your back. If you’re carrying extra tension, it makes you more prone to pulling the muscles in your back, which can cause pain. Even if you are getting the technique right, you need to make sure you ease your body into a workout.



A natural reaction to back pain is to see a GP – but a GP won’t be trained to spot the same things as an osteopath. There are a few relatively simple exercises I can perform to quickly evaluate whether a patient might require surgery or just needs to work on muscle strength.



An expensive mattress is a worthwhile expenditure. Medium-firm is best. You can help yourself out by trying to change positions, thereby taking pressure off particular muscles. Pillows are also an important consideration – as a rule of thumb, a pillow should be as wide and dense as the length from your ear to your shoulder. Water pillows are great as you can let water out to get the perfect size. It is a myth that sleeping without a pillow is better for you – this can be just as bad as sleeping with too many.


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Here is some info from Jesse Cannone giving some good tips about back pain in general and the fact that remedies vary depending on what your exact condition is.



And here is some good info on lifting techniques from Dr Stan Lubin.



In this video Dr Nicholas Cohen discusses his top 10 tips for lower back pain relief. There are some very good common sense tips here.



You have to follow a trial and error method to find out the right treatment for you to cure your back pain. It is also true that you will need to go through a number of choices available to find a hopeful cure for your back pain. So, getting a good mattress to sleep on; seeing a specialist whenever you get back pain; being careful when working out at the gym; keeping and practicing the right posture; stretching your muscles, yet not straining them by overstretching; and watching out for sudden pain triggers are the 6 back pain relief tips that you may keep in mind on a regular basis. Practicing these tips honestly will keep your back pain away. These tips will give you relief from back pain whenever the pain makes you miserable.


Get more ideas and tips for back pain from the free book by Jesse Cannone (Jesse is one one of our featured videos above) that is available on our website that helps with back pain. Also if you find these tips useful please share them with your friends on facebook by using the buttons below.




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