Back Pain Relief Expert First Chiropractic Student To Win Albert Schweitzer Fellowship


There are chiropractic students who wish to follow in Dr. Albert Schweitzer’s footsteps. Every year graduate students are bestowed with this fellowship to encourage more students to get inspired. This has resulted in the back pain relief first chiropractic student to win Albert Schweitzer fellowship.
The fellowship is dedicated to honor those in the medical field by finding the leaders who will take forward developments in healthcare as their mission to serve the community and improve health. The fellows perform really well to meet the needs of the people with health problems. Their performance also helps other people in the profession to get inspired.

Back Pain Relief Expert First Chiropractic Student To Win Albert Schweitzer Fellowship

Proper Chiropractic Care for Low Back Pain is part of the first line response to spinal pain

National University of Health Sciences student Dana Madigan is the first student in a chiropractic program to be awarded The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship.

Dana was one of 243 multidisciplinary graduate students throughout the United States recently chosen as a 2012-13 Schweitzer Fellow. Upon completion of her one-year fellowship, Dana Madigan will become a “Schweitzer Fellows for Life” member, joining a network of over 2,500 Schweitzer alumni throughout the world.


The fellowship program started in 1992 and supports graduate students in learning to effectively address the social factors that impact health, as well as developing lifelong leadership skills and living the famous physician-humanitarian’s message of service. While application to the fellowship is open to any professional degree student, Dana is the first in the program’s history to be currently enrolled in a chiropractic degree program.


Dana’s approved project for The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship involves helping deepen connections between the NUHS clinic in Lombard, Ill., and community organizations that help the medically underserved, specifically in regard to low back pain.


“I chose the issue of low back pain, because addressing low back pain is one of our nation’s ‘Healthy People 2020’ goals,” said Dana. “I want to show how we can use our form of health care to help meet national priorities.”


“Usually community health programs offer no other choice for those with low back pain than to receive care from an MD or DO,” says Dana. “Through this project, we are working to make chiropractic care for low back pain accessible for those who may not otherwise be able to receive it. ”
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The people who require the greatest help medically are those suffering lower back pain. These will be Dana’s project subjects. She can now show and practice how her form of treatment can help cure lower back pain. Dana hopes to work with a large amount of people who suffer from back pain every year but are not served effectively, which would otherwise leave them to suffer lifelong back pain.
You have seen that Dana Madigan is back pain relief expert first chiropractic student to win Albert Schweitzer fellowship. She and the other fellows will learn to address health-related issues effectively. They will contribute towards serving the community better at both a humanitarian level as well as a medical level.
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