Back Pain Relief Drug Overdose Kills Man


Back Pain Relief Drug Overdose Kills Man

Back Pain Relief Drug Overdose Kills Man In The UK

Like they always say, too much of something is bad and sometimes bad enough that it can be fatal. But can you blame those who are in very intense pain when all they can count on are pain-killers for back pain relief? Pain can be very excruciating especially for those with serious back problems because not only does it affect the neck or the hips for example but it can actually affect total body mobility. Worse, it is so painful it makes you want to die.


As a matter of fact there has been an incident where a back pain relief drug overdose kills a man. It is unfortunate and perhaps you can only imagine how much pain he went through that he had to overdose on pain-killers. Read on for detailed story of the incident.



Back Pain Relief Drug Overdose Kills Man

A landscape gardener died after he took an overdose of pain-killers to try to ease a pain in his neck, an inquest heard.


The body of Jason King, 36, was found by his flatmate and friend face down on his bed in his home in Richmond Road, Beddington, on July 18 last year.


An inquest into his death held at Croydon Coroner’s Court on Tuesday heard Mr King had been prescribed the painkiller Tramadol for a long-standing neck pain, which had previously prevented him from working.


A pathologist report after his death found he had more than five times the healthy level of the drug in his blood, and very close to the amount considered a fatal dose.


Coroner Roy Palmer said: “I suspect he was in more pain than usual and tried to deal with the pain and took more Tramadol than he was used to taking.”


It is believed Mr King died the evening before he was found.


The court heard his flatmate had popped into his room to check he was OK on July 17.


He was in the same position she found him the next day, but she left him alone thinking he was asleep.


She became concerned the following morning when he had not got up for work.


Mr King had suffered from depression, but the court heard there had been nothing to suggest he would think of ending his own life.


The 36-year-old had epilepsy, and Dr Palmer could not rule out the condition in some way contributed to his death.


Dr Palmer said a pathologist gave Mr King’s cause of death as a Tramadol overdose. He recorded a verdict of misadventure


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Such a tragic incident that a back pain relief drug overdose kills man. Anyone who experiences serious back pains can definitely relate to this man’s experience. We are just so desperate to ease the pain and look for effective back pain relief. It only becomes bad when the situation gets out of hand and we take more than what is prescribed.


In situations where the pain level increases, it is still best to consult your attending physician to evaluate what the best back pain relief treatment will work for you and which one is also the safest. At the end of the day, it’s not just about relieving the pain but relieving it safely and responsibly.


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