Back Pain Relief During Pregnancy


Back Pain Relief During Pregnancy

Maintaining a healthy weight and good posture are a couple of ways to try and avoid back pain while pregnant.

Back pain and pregnancy often go hand in hand but even though it is common, there are various options for back pain relief during pregnancy. In severe cases, back pain needs a lot of attention. Correct posture is a very important factor in relieving back pain during pregnancy. Even mild daily physical activity is required for pregnant women to get relief from back pain.


Your gynaecologist may prescribe medications for you if the pain is severe. Lower back pain can be experienced by pregnant women when undertaking too much physical work and straining muscles. Pelvic pain is also quite common during pregnancy. So, try staying away from  physical strain and try moving around and changing your posture from time to time to relieve yourself from back pain.



Back Pain Relief During Pregnancy


Pregnancy back pain is a common phenomena which begins after the fifth month of pregnancy because of the fact that as the baby grows within the womb , excess weight comes on to the back often resulting to this kind of pain. Although pregnancy back pain is a temporary condition which causes distress for only a limited period of time, it still requires treatment.


This treatment can either come from your gynaecologist in the form of internal or external medication or a few preventive measures that can be undertaken in the form of body exercises and postures. Pregnancy back pain can be different for different body types. While some women may experience lower back pain, a few others may have to bear pelvic pain.


Lower back pain generally happens when the pregnant woman tends to undertake any physical activity for a longer time like constantly sitting, standing or even lifting heavy things. Due to pregnancy the muscles surrounding the spine tends to become very sensitive due to which a woman may experience lower back pain.


Pelvic pain on the other hand is much more frequently experienced by almost 80% of pregnant women. It has been noticed that external medication generally does not relieve this pain and only one’s gynaecologist can prescribe an internal medication or drug for a severe case of pelvic pain during pregnancy.


There are certain ways through which one can successfully control or even minimize pregnancy back pain: A pregnant woman, especially after the fifth month needs to take as much rest as possible and avoid any physical activity that results in lot of strain to the back.


One also needs to avoid maintaining a body posture for longer time. Constant sitting, standing, walking, or trying to lift heavy things must definitely be stayed away from. Such activities may aggravate the pain.


Pregnancy back pain can also be avoided, if a woman is prone to have a healthy diet along with proper regular exercise prescribed by the gynaecologist from the initial stages of pregnancy. Exercise makes sure that the muscles are flexible and maintains proper blood circulation throughout the body due to which one can keep back pain at bay.


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So, practice exercises that relieve your back pain, and also take precautions so as not to get these pains at all during pregnancy. Practicing your posture so that your back alignment is correct and working on correcting wrong posture through mild strain free exercises is of course the first step for relief from back pain during pregnancy. Lifting weights  properly puts pressure on your legs and not on your back, which is the next technique on the list. After the fifth month of pregnancy, when the balance of your body gets disturbed, make sure to be careful that you do not fall down or lose your balance. Sleeping on your side can help in preventing back pain – it is recommended you sleep on your right side – as can placing a pillow between your legs. So, these were some of the ways to achieve back pain relief during pregnancy.


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