Massage Therapy For Pain Relief


Recent studies have revealed that massage therapy for pain relief is a better alternative to traditional methods of treatment, exercise, or bed rest according to this article. Massage increases the blood flow to the muscles under spasm, supplying enough oxygen to reduce the ache. Benefits from massage therapy include improving the blood circulation, relaxing the muscles for improved mobility, and increases endorphin levels, which brings relief from chronic back pain. The combination of massage and chiropractic treatment produces remarkable results in alleviating back pain. It is important to take advice after thorough examination, to follow the correct plan of treatment. Osteopathic treatment in the form of manipulative therapy as another similar treatment option that works well in alleviating pain in many cases.



Massage Therapy For Pain Relief

Massage therapy can work wonders for people with back pain relief.

Is it conceivable that massage can provide more effective relief from low back pain than medication? A new Healthday study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine suggests massage therapy might indeed alleviate back pain better in the short term than traditional interventions of medicine, bed rest, or exercise.


Massage Therapy Can Reduce Muscle Pain – Muscles that are in spasm will be painful to the touch. The pain is caused by ischemic muscle tissue. Ischemia means the muscle is lacking proper blood flow, usually due to the muscle spasm. This in turn creates the following undesirable process:


• Because the muscle is not receiving enough blood, the muscle is also not receiving enough oxygen.

• The lack of oxygen causes the muscle to produce lactic acid.

• The lactic acid makes the muscle feel sore following physical activity.


After the muscle is relaxed through massage therapy, the lactic acid will be released from the muscle, and the muscle should start receiving enough blood and oxygen.


Benefits of Massage Therapy – According to the American Massage Therapy Association, research shows that massage therapy provides several important health benefits, including:


• Massage improves blood circulation, which aids in recovery of muscle soreness from physical activity.

• Massage relaxes muscles for an improved range of motion. The muscle relaxation also helps with insomnia.

• Massage leads to increased endorphin levels. The increase of endorphin levels is actually one of the greatest benefits of massage therapy. Endorphins are the chemicals the body produces that make you feel good, which is very effective in managing chronic pain.


Combining Therapeutic Massage with Chiropractic Care has proven extremely effective for neck, back, headaches, shoulder, and sports injuries. All our massage therapy patients are toughly examined and accurately diagnosed prior to any therapeutic massage. Oftentimes, X-rays are taken to ensure patient safety. The doctor and therapist then communicate to devise the best and most effective treatment plan for the patient.


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Massage therapy has been observed to have good effects in reducing muscle spasms and back pain, better than traditional treatment, exercise and bed rest. Although, this is not an excuse when your partner arrives home and finds someone rubbing warm essential oils over your body. Massaging your back helps to increase the blood flow and supply of oxygen to the injured muscles, helping by reducing the spasm. Through this process, Lactic Acid is removed from the muscle to help it to receive more oxygen from blood flow. Massage therapy improves the blood circulation to restore the normal range of motion. It helps to increase endorphin levels. This is important, as endorphins help to create chemicals within the body to combat chronic back pain. Massage therapy for pain relief and chiropractic treatment, when applied in combination brings remarkable improvement. It is always advisable to consult a doctor before taking to these methods of treatments.



This video shows excerpts from the Health Matters Seminars of hands-on techniques for Medical Massage Therapy. Taught by David Morin, BA, LMT.




Three important massage points include the trigger point, acupressure point and the tender point. Discover different massage therapy points with tips from licensed massage therapist Rebecca Harrick of Everything Peaceful Massage Therapy Center in Wilmington, N.C.


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