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If the soft tissues in your body can be made to stretch slowly and regularly, it can benefit not only those suffering from back pain, but everyone. The soft tissues at the back of your body include the ligaments, tendons and muscles. The tissues in legs and around the spine can be made to stretch in order to stay fit.
All the muscles and tissues connected to the spinal cord are designed in such a way that they all are capable of movement. When for some reason, movement in tissues, muscles and tendons is restricted, pain in the back can start to worsen. Once the movement is restricted, it will take a long period of time to make it mobile again and this is possible only with exercises and stretches. The movement will start becoming normal with regular stretching and when this happens the pain will also start improving, thus relieving the patient.


Stretching improves circulation of blood to the muscles and joints. Increased blood circulation brings nutrients to our cells and removes waste byproducts.


There are certain things to be mindful of while starting back pain relief stretches and exercises. First of all, you will need to wear very comfortable clothing while doing these exercises. Also it is very important that a professional selects your stretches, making sure that they do not cause you pain. Do not force yourself to stretch, as instead of having a positive effect on you, it is much more likely that it will harm you. So be very careful while selecting your stretches.
The stretches will need to be done very slowly. Bouncing and moving may be harmful. Select an area that is big enough and flat enough for you to carry out your stretches. When you do a stretch, it is important that you hold on to the position for around twenty seconds, this is enough for the muscles and tissues to loosen. Stretches should to be repeated but make sure that you do not exhaust yourself.



Easy tips for low back pain and how to do back exercises and stretches by Dr. Ron Burnett from Sun Chiropractic




This next video from yoga instructor Jen Hilman demonstrates how to stretch your butt and hips for low back pain sciatica.


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