Back Pain Relief While Standing


Here is a great piece from – all about standing up on the job! It talks about how many back sufferers are opting to stand up as opposed to sitting down while working to get back pain relief while standing. It is a great idea! Many people that have back pain understand that sitting for long periods of time, especially on seats that have poor lumbar support, will cause you severe back pain. For those of you who prefer to stand as often as possible to relieve your lower back pain, this one’s for you!


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Back Pain Relief While Standing

back pain relief while standing

If you experience pain at work while seated, try something different and get back pain relief while standing.

There’s a whole lot of standing around going on these days in the 97.3 KIRO FM newsroom, and experts say that’s a good thing. Standing workstations are a growing trend across the country, as more people look to counter back pain and that comes with sitting for long hours at a desk.


“My lower back doesn’t hurt as much when I stand up and I have more energy because when I’m sitting I’m just staring at the screen and it’s just draining,” says Seth Keller, news editor with 97.3 KIRO FM.


Keller’s not imagining it. Jack Dennerlein, an expert in workplace health with the Harvard School of Public Health says sitting for too long greatly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and is a common source of back pain and other problems. He says standing desks offer a number of advantages.


“Your body is expending more energy. Your heart rate is slightly elevated compared to when your sitting. The other advantage that people suspect is your back can get into a more neutral posture,” Dennerlein says.


Sales of standing workstations are skyrocketing. A new report featured at says sales have increased by “triple digits” in the last decade.


“Sit-stand desks have moved from a niche product category to one that is standard in the top commercial furniture retailers,” said Ann Hall, a marketer for the Danish manufacturer Linak Group, which makes components that elevate desks.


But it does take some adjustment. Keller says he’s had to learn different positions for working and standing to get comfortable, and still needs to sit occasionally.


“It’s a lot different typing standing up and it’s harder to use the mouse,” he says. But overall he’s happy to have the option. And Dennerlein says there are significant benefits for employers as well.


“If this catches on in the workplace what we hope to see is workers that are healthier and more productive,”


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Who knew you could work standing up? Who knows – maybe in 10 years everyone will be doing it. If new technologies emerge that make it easier to use a mouse and keyboard without needing to be seated, there is a huge chance that this may be the norm in the future, and that you will be able to get back relief while standing at work.


If you have ever had chronic back pain, you will know that this would be a great way to ease your pain while at work. We hope it becomes more prevalent in the workplace in the future.




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