Best Home Remedies For Back Pain


Maintain proper posture: at all times being aware to keep the spine in a neutral position helps as a poor posture could hurt the alignment of the spine.

When you are looking for the best home remedies for back pain and you have never felt back pain before you could try a few conservative measures until you see a medical expert.  Before you get yourself an appointment with the doctor these home remedies should help to provide you with some comfort until the expert advice comes your way. These home remedies only help to reduce the discomfort and are usually only effective when it is a simple cause of stress and strain on your muscles.


Cold Compression: applying ice packs on the muscles of the back that are hurting helps reduce the strain. You could either buy a cold compression pack at a pharmacy that consist of a gel encased in a sealed bag that is ready to be put in the freezer and then applied over your sore muscles and could be reused over and over again or you could make one yourself by filling a sealed zip lock bag with ice and wrap it in a towel and then apply it over the muscles. Take care to not put it over the area for a period longer than five minutes in order to avoid frost bites.


Hot compressions: sometimes hot compressions or hot baths help in relieving the pain it should be ideally hot but bearable without scalding the skin.


Rolling a towel and putting it under your back can also help to relieve the pain.


Pain killers: taking an appropriate dose of a pain killer can help reduce pain till you see a doctor.


Relaxation: taking some rest and relaxing with some deep breathing techniques can help reduce tension on the muscles which in turn could help decrease the stress on your muscles.


Check your mattress: if it is time to replace your mattress then take action immediately as lumpy old mattresses can harm your posture while you are sleeping and put pressure on the muscles of the back and hinder blood flow.


Do not drive: if you drive for long hours you must use proper cushions that aid your back and these are generally available in outlets that sell mattresses specifically designed to remove stress from the muscles of the back. Also giving your back some rest from driving could help the muscles.


Take care while lifting heavy loads: use your legs to lift weight and do not use your back as this can put great strain on your muscles. Avoid all chores that involve lifting heavy loads.


Maintain proper posture: at all times being aware to keep the spine in a neutral position helps as a poor posture could hurt the alignment of the spine.


After trying these best home remedies for back pain be sure to see a doctor to get professional advice.


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