Community Acupuncture Helps With Back Pain Relief


While acupuncture has been an effective therapy towards curing back pain, community acupuncture helps with back pain relief to those who are on a tight budget. The experience of a woman who got immediate relief from her first acupuncture session, suggests that community acupuncture is aimed at providing relief to back pain at an affordable cost with sessions starting from $15 to $35 depending upon the patient’s financial situation.
Wellness Centres and community acupuncture provides more affordable means of treatment of back pain, the efficacy of which has been proved. Patients suffering from chronic and acute back and neck pain have excellent results by attending these centres. They have recovered fully without the use of any painkillers. Community acupuncture is providing a social service to those who are financially constrained and unable to undergo expensive sessions in acupuncture, which may be around $ 55 per session. The benefits are explored in this article.



Community Acupuncture Helps With Back Pain Relief

Pain medication prescribed after a visit to urgent care didn’t work.


Acupuncture did.


The Janesville woman said she received immediate relief on her first visit.


But Boyd is on Badger Care, which doesn’t cover acupuncture, and the cost of acupuncture can start at $55 a session.


Boyd said she was lucky to discover an inexpensive option: community acupuncture.


“I’m a single mom on a tight income,” Boyd said. “Trying to fit something in that’s preventative or voluntary or complementary medicine, it’s hard to squeeze that into my budget. I don’t think I would have been able to achieve this level of pain-free lifestyle without that.”


Boyd soon cut back from several visits a week to one a week, all without painkillers.


Try acupuncture to help relieve lower back pain


“Having the option to pay whatever I can afford is so wonderful,” she said.


Community Acupuncture & Wellness Center owner Steven Rosenthal said he can provide more affordable acupuncture because he sees more people.


Rosenthal is a licensed acupuncturist with a four-year degree from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego.


Clients pay on a sliding scale, ranging from $15 to $35, depending upon what the client believes he or she can afford. Insurance often doesn’t cover acupuncture or only pays for a handful of sessions.


Rosenthal’s initial consultations are free with a $10 charge for paperwork.


Rosenthal, 54, opened his community acupuncture practice in Janesville in July.


His first practice in San Diego was a “spa-type model.” He operated in a 2,000-square-foot building he gutted and renovated in a “yuppie, downtown” area.


But nobody could afford it, he said.


“I was absolutely miserable in there,” Rosenthal said. “I never had anybody in that place.”


Now, after becoming a convert to community acupuncture, his two rooms at Olde Towne Mall, 20 Main St., are filled with up to eight patients at a time.


Community acupuncture was created by a woman in Portland, Ore., when an acupuncturist from a working-class background realized her family and friends could not afford her treatment.


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When faced with acute or chronic back pain and trying to get relief through acupuncture, those without sufficient funds cannot afford the cost of this treatment, which may be expensive or not high on their financial priorities. Fortunately, community acupuncture helps with back pain relief at an affordable cost. This service is of immense help, especially where low-income earners cannot afford expensive treatments. Now, there is no excuse for someone to phone his or her boss to get off work due to suffering from backache.



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