FitGolf Performance Centers To Study Back Pain Relief For Golf


FitGolf Performance Centers to study back pain relief for golf in Indianapolis have been conducting studies each year on the relationship between the body and swing while playing golf. The center is aiming to conduct research this year on the causes of back pain due to excessive bending of the body during play. The study is aimed at reaching 1,000 participants in and around Indianapolis. Observations made by golf fitness specialists with respect to the National Study reveals that those who have excessive sideways and pelvic bends and rotations will experience more pain in the lower back than those who tend to bend less. The research is being conducted at the FitGolf Performance Center in Indianapolis.


At present, the study is aimed to be conducted upon 1,000 participants, although the target is around 10,000 participants during the entire period of the research work. Fitness programs are conducted at 31 centers in Indianapolis by FitGolf Performance, and these are aimed at making golfers aware of the limitations of the body in relation to the swing during practice or play. These programs include comprehensive training in fitness, and they will provide useful tools that will improve performance while making the body less prone to problems such as lower back pain.



FitGolf Performance Centers To Study Back Pain Relief For Golf

back pain relief for golf

FitGolf performance centers aim to do a study on back pain relief for golf

Each year FitGolf Performance Centers of Indianapolis commits time and other resources to better understand the body and golf swing relationships. This year, the Indianapolis FitGolf Center has committed to study the physical causes of back pain in relation to excessive body bend in golf. They are looking to reach 1,000 participants from their surrounding area of Indianapolis.


“The overall hypothesis for the National Study is that golfers with excessive pelvic and upper side bend, bend and rotation will experience lower back pain during practice and play,” says Tracy Chapman, Golf Fitness Specialist and Program Director of FitGolf Performance Centers in Indianapolis.


The research is being done at the FitGolf Performance center in Indianapolis. The Indianapolis center is located at 1000 3rd Avenue, S.W., Suite 100, Carmel, Indiana 46032. “To make this research valid, we would like to reach 1,000 participants,” says Chapman. “Nationally, we want to have around 10,000 participants run through the research.”


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It is always advisable for golfers to undergo a fitness program and training sessions conducted by FitGolf centers to study back pain relief for golf and to keep the body in good shape, and to practice their swing so that they are not affected by issues such as back pain.


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