Helpful Back Pain Relief Products And Methods


In addition to regular exercises and medication, some back pain relief products have come of immense use to those suffering from minor or acute back pain. Here we shall discuss some useful products, which help in relieving back pain to a considerable extent.


• Inversion therapy is a unique method of stretching the spinal cord to get relief from back pain. The inversion machines, which include the inversion table, are an innovative tool for back pain relief. This table is used to hold the legs tightly while allowing the body to hang with the spine stretched by the body’s weight. The stretching may be done at different angles with the inversion table being adjusted to various degrees of rotation. The larger the degree of slanting, the more the spinal cord is stretched. The inversion table has produced wonderful results in relieving back pain. This table is designed to ensure total security by preventing you from falling over.


• Belts are used for providing back support. They are a useful tool for back pain relief. Back support and braces are useful for improving the correct posture; therefore, you will get relief from back pain. Back support belts assist the physiotherapy treatment for herniated and degenerated discs, back muscle strain, and spinal stenosis. There are varieties of back belts are available, which are suited to every body shape and comfort.


• Pillows and mattresses help to maintain the alignment of the spine. They give excellent support to the neck and help considerably in reducing its stiffness while preventing any aggravation of back pain. Memory foam mattresses and pillows are available in different sizes to provide extra comfort.


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Listed here are some good back pain relief products and methods to try


• Massage is one of the best treatments for back pain. Proper massage releases the tension of the mind as well as help with total relaxation of the body. It also helps to reduce depression. Therapeutic massage treatment for back pain is a costly affair as well as being time consuming. Massage can cause sub-dermal and dermal bruising as well as nerve-related illnesses.


• Back pain may be due to prolonged periods of sitting. Lumbar supports play an important role in preventing as well as relieving lower back pain. Lumbar supports are available for seats at home or in the office, which are designed to support the spinal cord. These cushions help improve the sitting posture while stretching the back to prevent back pain.


• There has been some recent back pain relief products introduced on the market. The travel collar, Estasi bed, and the travel pillow are some innovative products providing adequate relief to the back while travelling. A tranquility bed and the envelop desk are useful devices that help to maintain ergonomic posture. Revolving chairs and proactive back supports are designed to provide adequate support to the back while preventing the risk of aggravating the condition. Massage chairs have been designed for proper sitting position during the massage. A body sport exercise ball is another useful tool for back pain relief.


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