Ideas for back pain relief in pregnant women


Back Pain is a common problem and some ideas for back pain relief in pregnant women which are simple and effective are listed below:


1/   Always maintain a good posture – as the centre of gravity shifts the body compensates by bending backwards. Walk tall, do not slouch, stand straight and keep the shoulders back and in a relaxed position. Walk slowly and do not tire yourself.


2/   Avoid high heeled shoes, wear comfortable flats that do not constrict the feet and allow you to walk freely.


3/  Use abdominal and waist support bands on the advice of your doctor to avoid pressure or strain on the abdominal and back muscles.

ideas for pregnant women with back pain

Common sense ideas for back pain relief in pregnant women

4/  Sleep on the sides and never on the back for long, as this could put pressure on the spine by forcing it off the neutral position. Keep changing sides and use specially designed maternity pillows or to support your tummy while lying on your side but take care not to put pressure on the pillow. Use it to give good support. There are various lumbar support pillows available in the market.


5/  Use ice packs to soothe your sore muscles on the advice of your doctor.


6/  Ask your partner to give you good back rubs or massage that is gentle or go for a professional prenatal massage therapy.


7/ Do not lift heavy loads and avoid bending with your back use your legs and only limit bending for when absolutely necessary and do it in correct form using your legs.


8/  Follow an exercise routine that is gentle yet provides a mild exercise for the whole body and this could be in the form of mild walks for short periods of time. Enroll in a good prenatal exercise, prenatal yoga or stretching regime specially designed by professionals for pregnant women if you have no complications.


9/  Some alternate therapies like chiropractic care or acupuncture can help so ask your doctor about these therapies.


Since stress can cause tightness in your muscles it always helps to keep a calm and composed state of mind. Do not feel stressed out – keep your cool by using deep breathing techniques or even listening to music that helps in calming your mind. All these ideas could help in warding off that dreaded back pain during pregnancy.


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