iPhone App For Correct Posture While Sitting


Perfect posture while undertaking desk work is important to prevent back pain. Physical therapists suggest that correct posture and awareness is critical for the prevention of lower back pain. A solution to that effect has been found by a team, which involves the use of technology for correcting posture through their mobile device. LumoBack is an iPhone App for correct posture while sitting that can help millions of Americans benefit through proper posture to prevent low back pain. LumoBack is a device in which a sensor patch is worn at the waist or lower back, and is connected to a cordless iPhone 4S or iPhone 3, which will produce a vibration when slouching. It can also analyze the trend of recovery and can even produce results within a week in correcting the posture. Let us have a look at this idea from this blog article.


iPhone App for Correct Posture While Sitting


Based on an application for the iPhone, and the special software application will tell you if your position is healthy or not. - photo courtesy of Eduardo Lopez

If you’re slouching in your office chair, sit up straight! Medical experts say improving your posture not only prevents back pain, but can provide an added boost to your confidence and physical attractiveness.


LumoBack, a mobile solution for perfect posture, has come a long way since winning a DemoGOD award in 2011. The Palo Alto-based team is working with a slew of physicians and physical therapists to scale a technology that can help millions of Americans benefit from better posture.


“Awareness and active correction of posture is critical for successful prevention and treatment of low back pain,” said Taylor Miller, a physical therapist based in Los Altos, CA. There are many causes of back pain (carrying heavy bags, walking in uncomfortable shoes, etc.) but according to Miller, posture is the critical component.


MonishaPerkash, the company’s chief executive officer, said that in some cases, users will notice an improvement in less than a week. ”The hard part is remembering to sit up straight. We give you real-time feedback so you’ll develop a better, more natural way to hold yourself,” she said.


The three founders, who met at Stanford, have already raised $75,000 on Kickstarter’s crowd-funding platform to bring to market a wireless sensor that detects whether you’re sitting or standing correctly.


LumoBack’s wearable sensor patch is worn on your waist or lower back and connects wirelessly to an iPhone 4S or iPad 3. It provides a vibration when you slouch. The app can process trend data to determine whether your posture is steadily improving over time.


The idea for LumoBack came from co-founder Andrew Chang, an engineer and lifelong back-pain sufferer whose health significantly improved when he enrolled in posture classes. Perkash, whose husband is a spine and sports physician at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, immediately saw the merits of a technology that would bring the benefits of these classes to a broader market.


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The introduction of LumoBack for assisting with the correction of posture will be of interest to millions of Americans who are suffering from low back pain and who are looking for a cure. If an iPhone application for correct posture while sitting works, then there will be a significant improvement in the health of many people.  The device is simple, yet effective. It makes sense from a behavioral management point of view to create a stimulus that affects the wearer to change their behavior. The machine produces a vibration as soon as the person wearing it begins to slouch.  We wonder if wearers believe there are getting a text or phone call when the LumoBack goes off.  This device is being developed by a team comprising physical therapists and engineers with the help of technological aid.


Charles Wang talks about LUMOback the DEMOgod award winner. LUMOback is a sensor equipped mobile solution to warn you about your posture while sitting.






This video explains how the LUMOback sensor sends gentle vibrations when you slouch, reminding you to sit or stand up straight.




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