Laser Therapy Provides Back Pain Relief


With more alternative methods for treatment of back pain being introduced, the FDA has approved laser therapy technology that involves penetrating the tissues deeply with laser light. This treatment promises to be successful in pain relief. It has been substantiated that laser therapy provides back pain relief, is non-invasive, painless, and without any side effects. Laser therapy involves stimulating the blood cells lying deep into the tissues, which provide relief from chronic back pain. Centers in America administering laser therapy have found that not only those suffering from chronic back pain have benefited from this method; this treatment is also associated with other joint conditions. Hear about this treatment in this article.



Laser Therapy Provides Back Pain Relief

Laser Therapy is a treatment utilizing a laser that penetrates the skin, helping alleviate pain from conditions such as arthritis, back pain

Oakland County residents suffering from mild to severe body pain have a new option to seek relief with a laser-therapy technology now being offered in Farmington Hills.


Wonderful Life Centers, located at Orchard Lake Road and 13 Mile Road, is treating patients with a deep-tissue laser light technology that has been approved by the FDA.


The treatment is non-invasive, painless and there are no side effects.


Todd Brunst, the director of global operations at Wonderful Life Centers, said nearly 77 million Americans suffer from chronic pain daily.


“(The therapy) promotes healing through microcirculation by penetrating deep into the tissue and stimulating the blood cells, and the stimulation process then perpetuates healing,” said Brunst.


According to Brunst, the effects of laser-light technology on the treatment of pain has been studied for the past 40 years, however, this is the first time the FDA has approved it as a solution.


Wonderful Life Centers reports that 65 percent of their patients come in suffering with chronic back pain, but that the therapy also commonly treats pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, short-term neuropathy, rotator cuff injuries, tennis elbow and other ailments.


The center adds that more than 450 people have been treated since Wonderful Life introduced the technology in January.


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Conventional and innovative methods of treatment for chronic back pain have yielded mixed results. The nature and grievance of the injury and age factor being some of the determining factors. Laser therapy has been followed for over 40 years, and the FDA has approved the positive effects when laser therapy provides back pain relief. Other ailments related to spinal cord injuries, and other conditions affecting joints around the body are treated with laser therapy. This therapy is sure to kindle the hopes among millions of Americans seeking an end to their chronic back pain.  Now, laser technology that allows us to see the light in treating back pain.



Fox News 10 reports on the Microlight ml830 Cold Laser used for all types of pain relief. Pain, inflammation, migraines, muscle injury, ligament injury, increased blood flow.




Dr. Steve Arthur of Active Life Chiropractic demonstrates the physiology of a disc herniation and how laser therapy can heal the tear and provide permanent recovery.


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