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Back pain can be very depressing and may affect every area of your life, including your work, your social life and your personal life. When pain appears regularly, you may feel a tingling in your muscles, or a numbness, when this pain occurs take it seriously and do not ignore it as it may develop into something acute and chronic. Many lower back pain relief products are available on the market that can help you get relief.


Back pain can be debilitating and can interfere not only with work, but with daily activities as well


The first product to look at is the back brace. This brace is soft and flexible so that you can bend it and wear it around your body underneath your clothes. The back brace supports your back muscles so that they can relax. This way the stress is taken off the spine.



The Thermedic Low Back ProWrap is the very latest in therapeutic lower back support belt. If you suffer with low back pain and get any kind of relief from heat, this may help.


There are also analgesics that can be applied on the area over the skin. They come in the form of creams and gels. They give relief for a temporary period of time. A very popular analgesic that is available on the market is Bio Freeze. When you massage this on sore muscles it should give you relief within minutes.

The most common product used for any kind of pain are the heat packs or ice packs. If there is an injury, remember to apply ice packs for the first two to three days. After that you can apply heat packs on the affected area, or for better results, alternate with both the packs.



In the this video we provide information for low back pain treatment with the Australian made magnetic underlay and magnetic therapy products. Magnetic therapy is also also known as biomagnetic therapy or bio magnetic therapy.



The next product available is an inversion table. This is an instrument that helps you to hang upside down. Be careful not to strain your body doing this as it may harm you instead of giving relief. Start from a lower degree and know your limits. This helps relieve your pain.



In the this video Dennys Pesetto, professional motorbike rider, discusses how an inversion machine helped him get relief from back pain.




There is also a pillow available that supports your back and help to relieve your pain. So with these products you have a few options to start looking at to improve your back pain condition.
For more ideas and products to help you alleviate lower back pain – order your copy of The Seven Day Back Pain Cure by Jesse Cannone. It is available below now.



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