Medtronic Neurostimulation Back Pain Relief


If your back pain does not go away with medication, then your doctor may suggest neurostimulation treatment for your back pain. This treatment involves implanting devices that will help you manage your pain. They aim to get you back to normal life, and reduce the need for taking oral medications that often have a lot of immediate and long-term side effects. Medtronic neurostimulation for back pain relief hinders the pain signals to the brain. Sending impulses that are similar to electronic stimulus to the spine, the pain is substituted with a tingling sensation instead that is registered by the brain as a pain-free feeling. Therefore, rather than feel pain, the patient feels this tingling. So, this treatment has been practised with much of the positive effects of relieving a patient from back pain for over 30 years now.

Medtronic Neurostimulation Back Pain Relief

Medtronic Pain Therapies are effective pain management alternatives for people who don't get pain relief from other treatments

Doctors have a new way to help control chronic pain. It doesn’t involve medication.

63-year-old Mike Porter of Blanco suffered for years with low back and leg pain caused by osteoarthritis and scoliosis. Pills weren’t able to overcome the chronic pain which was alternately dull then sharp.


“Jabbing like if you twist or move, something like that,” Porter explained. “Just like somebody took an ice pick and poked it in you. And then at other times it’s just a constant ache.”


In December, Porter had an outpatient procedure at Methodist Stone Oak Hospital to combat his problem.


Doctors implanted a Medtronic neurostimulator. A device is implanted under the skin in the lower back, sending electrical impulses through leads near the spinal cord. That interrupts pain signals from reaching the brain, replacing pain with a vibration sensation.


This new device has a motion sensor, like technology in smartphones and computer gaming systems. It senses when the patient is lying down, sitting up, or standing and adjusts the signal automatically.


“It has the ability to recognize the patient’s position in space, and hence, automatically adjusts the signal intensity for the patient to provide better comfort,” said Dr. Darius Zagunis, a pain management specialist with Advanced Concepts in Pain Care.


For patients like Porter, that means less adjusting and more consistent, convenient pain relief. He said not having to take as much pain medication is liberating.


“It’s been wonderful,” Porter stated. “I’ll be working sometimes and I’ll just be walking around going ‘this is really cool’ because there’s no pain.”


The FDA approved the Medtronic adaptive stimulator with the sensor late last year. It’s a medical device for chronic pain sufferers that’s usually covered by insurance.


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When many patients suffer from back pain in the modern world, treatments are being invented to relieve this pain without the reliance on painkillers. Medtronic neurostimulation back pain relief is one such revolutionary treatment that has no side effects compared to oral medicines. It is hassle-free, and there are no side effects associated with invasive techniques such as surgery. The patient can self-administer and control this device according to their need. The nature of this treatment and its effectiveness has made this treatment popular with many patients suffering from back pain.  The treatment is also gaining more rapport among doctors who are supporting patients going for this alternative to medicinal treatments.


The neurostimulator implant helps relieve chronic back pain in 2 patients in Minnesota – In this news special Dr. Andrew Will shows how he is using this new treatment as an option for long term sufferers of pain.


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