Most Commonly Used Back Pain Relief Medication


Back pain may sometimes be devastating, especially for those who are suffering from chronic degenerated disc disease. Although there are many form of back pain relief, back pain medication has been proved to be very effective. Here are five of the most common medications for back pain relief.


• Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are the primary choice for back pain relief. Naproxen and Motrin are considered to be very useful during the initial stages of the condition. Celebrex, Voltaren, Mobic, and Relafen are some useful drugs belonging to the NSAID group. Tylenol is also a common painkiller available across the counter.


• Muscle relaxants have proved to be effective for back pain relief. This is one of the best forms of back pain medication, which reduces the pain substantially. Cyclobenzaprine, Baclofen, Tizanidine, and Carisoprodol are useful muscle relaxants, which help revive muscle spasms. Muscle relaxants can be very useful in cases where the back pain is due to a sustained injury. Drowsiness is associated with the intake of these drugs. These drugs have a long-term effect on reducing back pain.


• In cases where the back pain is chronic or due to surgery, muscle relaxants and non-steroidal inflammatory drugs may not be effective. Instead, Doctors advise on the use of Opioids, which act directly on the nerve cells and on the pain receptor in the brain to reduce the feel of pain. Vicodine and Tylenol are mild drugs belonging to this group while Morphine is a strong drug given to patients suffering from acute neck and back pain. Narcotic drugs, like Tramadol, can be useful for cases where there have been multiple surgeries.


• Corticosteroids are often prescribed to reduce inflammation and back pain considerably. This medication can be taken orally or by injection into the body. When other medicine belonging to the NSAIDs and Opioid groups fail to bring any result, these steroids can help reduce back pain quickly. This type of medication helps to relieve the inflammation and prevents it from turning into chronic back pain. Medrol is an effective steroid for curing back pain where the dosage is gradually reduced by 3mg every day. Corticosteroids can also be injected into the joints of the facet or into the roots of the spinal cord so that it acts directly on the source of the pain.


• Adjuvant therapies have proved to be successful for relieving back and neck pain. Anti-seizure drugs, like Lyrica and Neurontin, have been found to be useful while antidepressant drugs, like Cymbalta and Elavil, are used for chronic back pain. In cases where the back pain radiates down the legs, these medications will help relieve the associated numbness, tingling sensation, irritation, and burning pain.


Back pain relief medication

Unfortunately many back pain sufferers are dependent on medication

Although these medications have proved to be quite effective in reducing back pain, certain side effects may cause concern for the patient. Hallucination, fluctuations in the rhythm of the heart, constipation, and diarrhea may be associated with the medicines as side effects. There may be effects on your sexual urge or fatigue may creep in on some medicines. While administering these medications, it is essential to consult a doctor as certain people may not be compatible with the use of these drugs. While these types of back pain medication may be useful, it may be said that this is not the best method for back pain relief.


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