Natural Painkillers For Back Pain Relief


Those suffering from back pain normally depend upon drugs for getting relief, but those anti-inflammatory, non-steroid painkillers can cause damage instead of assisting the healing process by accelerating the degeneration of the lumbar discs. Strong painkillers and steroid injections have all been found to be potential threats to healing the body in the long run. Alternative treatments in the form of natural painkillers for back pain relief are the best at providing relief for back pain without having any side effects.


Although a drug, Aspirin does less harm, and it reduces the pain quickly. It is a product from the bark of the White Willow, which can be taken to reduce the pain without causing any irritation to the stomach. It was found that during a trial that examined the placebo effect found that 39% of those suffering from back pain who took the extract of bark from White Willow were found to have a substantial reduction in back pain. Most people showed improvements during the first week. The results also showed that only 6% who took a placebo were found to recover from the pain.

Natural Painkillers For Back Pain Relief

Natural pain killers are the drug-free remedies that can be just as effective

People who regularly suffer from back pain may heavily rely on drugs to relieve their pain, relax muscles and reduce inflammation.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen and naproxen are usually tried first. NSAIDs actually sabotage your body’s own healing efforts by accelerating arthritic degeneration.

If NSAIDs don’t bring any relief, your doctor may prescribe stronger painkillers. These potent prescription drugs can be addictive and cause withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking them. As a last resort, steroid drugs or injections may be administered to the affected area to reduce inflammation.


Fortunately, safe, non-invasive help is at hand in the form of scientifically proven alternative treatments.


Nature’s very own aspirin… without the downside of stomach irritation


The bark of the white willow (Salix alba) contains a natural compound called salicylic acid. Aspirin (acetyl salicylic acid) is a synthetic form of this chemical. Taking a supplement of white willow bark can provide all the pain-relieving benefits of aspirin without the drug’s notorious side effect of stomach irritation.


In a placebo-controlled trial, 39 per cent of patients with lower back pain who took white willow bark extract reported a significant reduction in pain, in most cases within the first week of treatment. This compared with 6 per cent who reported an improvement while taking placebo. Take 100 to 250mg of white willow bark extract (standardised to 15 per cent salicin) a day.


Devil’s claw (Harpagophytumprocumbens) is a herb that is better known for treating arthritis. However, two clinical trials in Germany have shown that pain intensity, muscle spasms and muscle tenderness were all substantially reduced in patients suffering from lower back pain who took devil’s claw extract, compared with those who received placebo treatment. There was no evidence of side effects from taking devil’s claw in either of these trials, but this herb is not recommended if you have a peptic ulcer since it can increase acid production. Take 600 to 900mg of devil’s claw extract (standardised to 5 per cent harpagosides) daily.


B-vitamin supplements can prevent relapses of the most common forms of back pain. In two independent trials, a combination of 50-100mg each of vitamins B1 and B6, with 250-500mcg of B12, three times a day, not only reduced the number of lower back pain episodes but also reduced the level of medication needed during each episode. The dosages used in these trials were higher than those normally recommended. Take a balanced B-complex supplement that gives you at least 50mg each of vitamins B1 and B6 per day. Higher doses should only be taken under medical supervision.


Powerful enzymes reduce the duration and severity of a sciatica attack


Supplements of natural proteolytic (protein-digesting) enzymes, such as trypsin, chymotrypsin, bromelain and papain have long been known to reduce pain and swelling, and speed up healing.


In one double-blind trial, a combination of trypsin and chymotrypsin given to sciatica (a common form of back pain) patients for seven to ten days brought about significant improvements in several symptoms. The researchers concluded: “since orally administered enzymes have very few undesirable side effects, this treatment is suitable for all patients with sciatica due to intervertebral disc herniation (a slipped disc)”.


There are a number of enzyme formulas available that contain combinations of proteolytic enzymes. The important thing is to get a product that contains trypsin or pancreatin (the natural substance produced by the pancreas that contains both trypsin and chymotrypsin). Follow the directions given on the individual product’s label.


The amino acid D,L-phenylalanine (DLPA) reduces pain by blocking an enzyme that destroys endorphins, the body’s natural pain-killers. The powerful analgesic properties of DLPA were demonstrated in a US study carried out at the University of Chicago, in which more than 75 per cent of patients with chronic pain experienced ‘good’ to ‘complete’ relief in one week to one month.


In another clinical trial, an impressive 73 per cent of people with low back pain who took a synthetic version of DLPA reported ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ relief. The recommended dose of DLPA is 1,500 to 2,000mg a day.





So, it is evident that instead of a placebo, white willow bark and Devil’s Claw extract are both natural products that can reduce the intensity of the pain and muscle spasms in the back, which reduced back pain. Those taking these two natural extracts were found to recover more quickly than those who took a placebo. Vitamin B1, B6, and B12 are also effective in preventing relapses of back pain. Natural painkillers for back pain relief like proteolytic enzymes have also been found to reduce back pain substantially when compared to the use of a placebo.


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