New Back Pain Relief Treatment – Cooled RF Therapy

Many new back pain relief treatments are brought out every year. The latest new back pain relief treatment – cooled RF therapy is the newest non invasive technique that can give back pain sufferers some hope of being pain free. It involves using a probe to send radio signals to the pain affected area and has seen some levels of success in patients who have used it.


Many back pain patients are willing to try anything to help alleviate lower back pain, and this potential breakthrough for treatment in BocaRaton is potentially a treatment that can help many people. It is cutting edge and offers another option for people with back pain.



New Back Pain Relief Treatment – Cooled RF Therapy


Back Pain Relief Treatment

A new technology for back pain relief

A promising new treatment is available now for those who are suffering back pain. Boca Raton Regional Hospital this morning announced that it is now offering Cooled Radiofrequency Denervation. Read on for the media release transmitted by the hospital:


Davis Therapy Centers at Boca Raton Regional Hospital is offering a new, less invasive option to help those who suffer from chronic back pain โ€“ Cooled Radiofrequency (RF) Denervation. The outpatient procedure takes less than one hour, does not require general anesthesia and can provide relief to patients diagnosed with debilitating back pain.


The RF procedure is performed by a physician, and involves inserting a small probe through a needle that transmits a minimal radiofrequency current to the area at the source of the pain. Once inside the body, the RF probe is cooled, which enables the physician to treat larger areas, and the small RF current disrupts the individual nerves that are sending pain signals to the brain.


Chronic back pain affects millions of Americans, an estimated 20 percent annually, and inhibits daily activities. Signs of chronic back pain include a sharp, stabbing, localized pain or a burning ache radiating across the lower back that persists for months to years.


Cooled RF therapy is for patients who have exhausted traditional treatment methods like anesthetic injections and physical therapy. It has the potential to render significant pain relief that can last for up to two years.


The procedure is less painful than more invasive surgical techniques, requiring only a local anesthetic and mild sedative and can be repeated until all the pain nerves involved are treated to achieve optimal pain relief. See original story here


This new back pain relief treatment – cooled RF therapy is worth doing further research on. Some of these new medical techniques and tools prove to be be very helpful in alleviating lower back pain in many sufferers.


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