PELD Surgery


A new technique in conducting difficult spine surgery without any incision is known as PELD Surgery, as described in this article. It has created a sensation by helping patients to recover from low back pain, Sciatica, and compression of the nerves. Although not all patients have benefited from this surgery, some have recovered through this surgery.
PELD is applicable to those who are having early phases of pain where the spine discs have not become hard enough, and is suited for patients where the pain has not turned chronic. The efficacy and advantages of this surgery has been proved through papers establishing the fact. PELD is based on principles of miniature endoscopy, laser techniques, and radio frequency waves. Patients are offered the choice of local anesthesia, which is most comfortable to them.



PELD Surgery

Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy (PELD) is not the conventional excision but a treatment which is in between the conservative and open surgery.

Doctors in Pune are conducting difficult spine surgeries without cutting through muscles and bones. Patients suffering from slipped disc, low back pain due to nerve compression, sciatica are being relived of pain using stitchless spine surgery medically known as PELD. A patient is discharged within 24 hours.


Prashant Kumar was lifting some heavy objects when he felt severe pain in his lower back and buttocks. followed by severe leg pain and numbness. An MRI scan clearly showed he was suffering from a slipped disc. Doctors told him, the disc can be removed without any skin incision, Kumar said. He was up and about a day after surgery


“This surgery is a modern technique useful for patients with lower back pain, sciatica and a slipped disc. Not all spine surgeries can be done using PELD. Only certain patients will benefit from the technique,” said neurosurgeon JaydevPanchawagh of DeenanathManageshkar Hospital.


Panchawagh has performed sixty surgeries using PELD in the last six months. “Stitchless spine surgery can help in the early phases of pain when the spine discs have not hardened with time and pain has not become chronic, secondarily affecting the surrounding muscles,” he said.


The technique has matured in the last two to three years and there are many papers establishing its efficacy and advantages. It incorporates principles of miniature endoscopy, radiofrequency waves and laser technique. “It is relatively new in India. There are very few hospitals offering such techniques,” Panchwagh said.


Consultant orthopaedic spine surgeon SreedharanNamboothiri from Kovai Medical Center and Hospital in Coimbatore said there are seven orthopaedic and neurosurgeons in India who conduct PELD. “It is a relatively new technique, but effective in treating certain spinal problems.” Namboothiri also conducts PELD.


Panchwagh said the surgery can be best performed under simple local anaesthesia. “We leave it to patients to choose the type of anaesthesia one is most comfortable with. There is no need of general anesthesia in this surgery,” he said.


Patients suffer the pain and see doctors only when the condition is in advanced stages. “When there is intervertebral disc prolapse (slipped disc), a certain percentage of the slipped discs shrivel-up in a few weeks and do not need surgery. However, it is equally clear that a significant number of these discs become hard due to calcification, progressively lodging them in a narrow crevice of the spine, severely compressing the nerves. This causes chronic backache, sciatica and neurogenic claudication, not to mention irreversible nerve damage,” said Panchawagh


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An innovative technique in conducting difficult spine surgeries without the use of scalpels, known as PELD Surgery, has created uproar in medical circles. It involves basic principles of miniature endoscopy, radio frequency, and laser techniques. It has been found to be effective in the earlier stages of back pain when the discs have not hardened. While in some cases, slipped discs shrivel up within few weeks, where surgery is ruled out. For other patients, PELD surgery can be an effective treatment for chronic back pain. This surgery is conducted under local anesthesia and the patient can be up within a couple of days. Therefore, you do not have to be off work for months afterwards, so you might be relieved at the prospect.



This clip shows the technique performed by Dr. KOGA who is the chief of endoscopic spinal surgery in Iwai Orthopaedic Medical Hospital.




Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy (PELD) is a recent and advanced technique of minimally invasive spine surgery (MIS). By Dr. KOGA – Chief of Endoscopic Spinal Surgery Iwai Orthopaedic Medical Hospital.





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