Remedial Measures For Back Pain Relief During Pregnancy


Almost all pregnant women have been through phases of morning sickness and pregnancy pains. Added to these problems is the nagging problem of stinging pain that keeps recurring and can be very stressful to say the least. Pain affecting the neck, spine, and hips occurs when an expectant woman tries to keep herself active by carrying on with her daily chores as advised by the gynecologist. Standing or stretching for hours on end while carrying a baby in the womb puts a strain on the back, especially the component parts that hold the backbone in place such as the muscles, bones, ligaments, and the tendons. This strain often results in pain.


Pain in the back affects 50% to 70% of pregnant women when they are into their second trimester. It is predominant in young pregnant women and those who have had multiple pregnancies. In pregnant women, soreness in the back occurs due to many factors. Some of the more common factors happen to be hormonal changes, gradual weight gain, and positional changes of abdomen, muscle mass differentiation, and psychological stress. This article will outline the corrective and remedial procedures a woman can take for back pain relief during pregnancy.


There is no need to be unnecessarily worried, if you have back pains during pregnancy as you are not alone. Most pregnant women have had several episodes during their pregnancy. The pain will gradually go away before delivery. However, you can resort to the following remedial steps for back pain relief during pregnancy.

Some practical tips for relief from back pain during pregnancy


  1. Workouts and exercises: You should keep yourself active by working out apart from the normal chores that you do. Work out at least for twenty minutes every day. You can catch up on light exercises such as swimming, walking, cycling, walking on the treadmill, and so on. You should be more particular and punctual with your workouts from the second trimester.

  3. Maintain your posture: Always be in an erect position when you sitting on a stool or a chair. Insert a pillow between your knees while you are sleeping either on your left or right side.

  5. Use hot or cold compresses: You can alternate with hot and cold compresses applied to the affected area, but consult your physician first.

  7. Acupuncture: Although the exact relief mechanisms of acupuncture are not known, it does help.

  9. Therapy sessions: If you think that emotional or psychological stress is the real culprit, you can always consult a counselor or therapist. Chiropractic massages can help a lot. You can perhaps take medications for fast relief, but avoid NSAIDs unless prescribed by your doctor. 


In this video Kelly McBride of shares 7 ways to alleviate back pain during pregnancy


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