Spinal Decompression Relief


Spinal decompression relief can provide substantial relief to those suffering from chronic neck problems and back pain according to this article. This is a procedure worth trying before going for invasive treatment, as suggested by doctors. The procedure of spinal decompression involves stretching the spinal cord to allow the pressure on the pinched nerves to be relieved. The system is monitored by a computer-controlled module, which is fed with different programs for different types of lumbar and cervical conditions. By putting in additional information, the system can be tailor-made for the patient.



Spinal Decompression Relief

Chiropractic patients who have undergone spinal decompression therapy share their pain relief, health insurance, and risk advice and tips on the procedure.

The fourth day of deer hunting season last fall was good to Don Vinduska of Lincolnville and his hunting partners.


“For some reason, everybody shot a deer that evening,” Vinduska said.


As he loaded and unloaded the deer, Vinduska didn’t know six weeks of agonizing pain lay ahead.


“That’s what started the whole thing,” Vinduska said. “At that time they didn’t know it was a pinched nerve in my back. They thought it was a rotator cuff. I couldn’t use my right side much at all.”


Kevin Steele of Marion, a tire delivery driver for American Tire Distributors of Wichita, was no stranger to pain. He suffered a broken neck in high school, and for most of his adult life he’d had periodic treatments that allowed him to live an active life.


That changed about three years ago, Steele said.


“I’ve been having lower back issues to where I couldn’t hardly walk any more — chronic lower back pain,” Steele said.


Lifting and moving tires and getting in and out of the cab of his delivery truck were at times excruciating, Steele said, but the pain was magnified by the negative effect it had on his family life.


“I couldn’t do things with the kids,” Steele said. “I couldn’t walk to the park, couldn’t go to the lake fishing. No real activity with my kids here in the yard. If we went to the zoo I’d have to sit down every five to ten minutes and let them go look at exhibits.”


Both men saw doctors and tried physical therapy, but relief was elusive.


“They tried so many things, but they couldn’t get anywhere,” Vinduska said. “I’d go for four or five minutes and the pain would be so great.”


Before resorting to more invasive procedures, both of their physicians finally recommended trying an alternative therapeutic procedure.


“They decided let’s try spinal decompression before spending thousands of dollars on injections and surgeries,” Steele said.


Spinal decompression


The referrals took them to Marion chiropractor Bruce Skiles, who had recently purchased a spinal decompression system.


“They used to just be available in big cities because they were so extremely expensive,” Skiles said. He had been referring patients to treatment centers in Wichita and Salina before purchasing one.


The system consists of a bed, a harness connected to a cable, which in turn is linked to a computer-controlled motor. The system stretches the spinal column, which allows the discs between vertebrae to expand and relieves the pressure on pinched nerves, Skiles said.


“The vast majority of the problems in low backs and spines is you’re losing disc height,” Skiles said.


“This is a progressive-type traction. What it will do is traction you a little bit, then let off, traction you a little bit more, and let off,” Skiles said. The computer control module has different programs for different kinds of cervical and lumbar conditions. Skiles picks the appropriate program, and then enters additional information to tailor the treatment for individual needs.


A typical course of treatment involves 10 30-minute sessions over about three weeks, Skiles said.


“Most people have no discomfort,” Skiles said. “We’ve had some really good outcomes.”


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This unique course of treatment for chronic back pain known as spinal decompression back relief, whereby stretching the spinal cord results in the pain being relieved due to the pressure being taken off the pinched nerves. Compared to the cost of invasive methods of treatments, this system is affordable to the common man or woman. Even those with a broken neck and near total impairment have been able to get back some or all of their activities through this treatment. Very soon, we may see majority of chiropractors working on this system.



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