Stem Cells Give Peyton Manning Pain Relief


An innovative method to treatment for back pain is injecting the patient’s own cells back into their neck. The treatment has created public interest among those following regenerative medical treatments, especially after learning that stem cells give Peyton Manning pain relief.
While surveys reveal that about 1.2 million Americans undergo spinal surgery each year, this method of injecting one’s own adult stem cells into the neck aim to get these cells to fuse within the bones. It is the best alternative to the use of screws, plates and rods. Injecting the stem cells prevents the bulging of the tissues and back pain. This fusion-related surgery holds promise for the future provided it is carried out by experts in pain management.



Stem Cells Give Peyton Manning Pain Relief

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Stem cell therapy as comprehensive pain treatment has worked for Peyton Manning

Adult stem cells saved quarterback Peyton Manning’s career following a neck injury that kept him sidelined for the entire 2011-12 National Football League season.


After two earlier surgeries failed to correct a painful bulging disc in his neck, Manning, now a Denver Bronco, traveled to Switzerland where he underwent one or more cutting-edge treatments that involved injecting his own adult stem cells directly into his neck.


Thirty-six-year-old Manning’s amazing recovery and his $18 million first-year Broncos contract, have dramatically increased public interest in the growing field of regenerative medicine.  Some of the nation’s best-trained regenerative medicine doctors practice right here in Colorado.


One such expert is Dr. Bernard “Ben” Guiot, a neurosurgeon affiliated with Littleton Adventist Hospital and South Denver Neurosurgery, who this week discussed adult stem cell treatments in an exclusive interview.



Dr.Guiot regularly uses adult stem cells in his surgical practice, which specializes in spinal issues.  Moreover, Dr.Guiot helps educate other physicians nationwide about the various cell-based therapies that are now available throughout the United States.


“There are a huge number of patients who suffer from neck pain and from low back pain,” says Dr.Guiot.  “While we have a number of non-operative therapies that we do use to try to make these patients better, regrettably, there’s still a large percentage of patients who ultimately require an operation.”


According to a report released today by CBS News, more than 1.2 million Americans undergo spinal surgery each year – 25% of which are spinal fusions.  The total is more than triple the number of coronary by-pass surgeries and nearly four times the number of hip replacements. In fact, CBS News says that eight out of ten Americans will experience debilitating back pain sometime in their lives.


Dr.Guiot works to provide relief to back pain sufferers.


The Denver neurosurgeon is coordinating his cutting-edge efforts closely with Celling Biosciences, an Austin, Texas-based biomedical innovator, to provide a surgical treatment – using the patient’s own stem cells – aimed at promoting fusion, the biological process where bone knits together. Standard surgical treatments, using screws, rods and plates often don’t result in the desired outcome.


“Stem cells seem to be a very promising [method]” Dr.Guiot says, adding that he and Celling Biosciences hope to expand cell-based therapies to other spinal applications as well as to orthopedic and non-orthopedic treatments.  While Dr.Guiot has already fully integrated stem cells into his practice for fusion-related surgery, he says the future holds the promise of also using Celling Biosciences medical technologies to decrease inflammation of the joint, to regenerate joint services, and to improve function, among other therapies.


James Poser, PhD., Chief Scientific Officer at Celling Biosciences, says, “The body has a remarkable capacity to repair itself.”  His company works in partnership with surgeons such as Dr.Guiot to harness “the regenerative, reparative process that is inherent in all of us.”


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Cell-based therapies have been found to be very effective in the treatment of back pain. Surgery involving injecting our own adult stem cells into other parts of the body to benefit from the undifferentiated nature of stem cells has found widespread acknowledgement. This regenerative medicinal therapy has a great future as one of the safest and surest methods of curing back pain as stated by renowned physiotherapists and authorities at Celling Biosciences.
The specialty of this process is that it is inherent in us all and uses nature’s own building blocks. Stem cells give Peyton Manning pain relief, so it could be possible provide that the technique may offer you relief as well.



What are stem cells? – A short educational film by the Irish Stem Cell Foundation







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