TAMARS Treatment For Pregnancy Back Pain


Here is an interesting new treatment option – TAMARS treatment. This story is about a newswoman in the UK who successfully used it after developing chronic back pain while she was pregnant. It seems as though it has helped her, and she recommends the cutting edge TAMARS treatment for pregnancy back pain.


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TAMARS treatment has been successful in alleviating back pain in pregnant women

The following article from Press and Journal in the UK describes her battle with back pain during and after her pregnancies and how she thinks it is a god option for pregnant women needing back pain relief.

TAMARS Treatment For Pregnancy Back Pain

Like millions of women in the UK, broadcaster Jackie Brambles has first-hand experience of the back problems which can arise from pregnancy and child rearing.


The former Loose Women anchor, GMTV Hollywood correspondent and BBC Radio 1 presenter started suffering from back pain in 2006, during the latter stages of her first pregnancy.


After her son Stanley was born, Jackie quickly became pregnant again with daughter Florence, which left her with little time to recuperate before her back problems flared up for a second time.


Matters came to a head earlier this year during a family holiday, when Jackie spent more time than usual carrying her young daughter around.


“We forgot to bring the pushchair for Florence and ended up having to lift and carry her more than we usually do.


“All mums will have that familiar position of carrying their wee ones on their hip, even though it’s so bad for your posture and this is exactly the trap that I fell into on holiday.


“By the time we returned home to Scotland, I was suffering from intense back pain which spread into my leg and left me unable to sleep at night.


“It became so bad that I knew I had to find an effective treatment that would tackle it properly and resolve the problem, rather than just relieving the symptoms for a while.”


As luck would have it, a friend recommended 21st Century Back Care’s revolutionary TAMARS treatment and Jackie was keen to give it a try. With clinics in Glasgow and Edinburgh, 21st Century Back Care is Scotland’s only clinic dedicated to the use of TAMARS (Technology Assisted Micro-Mobilisation and Reflex Stimulation) for the treatment of chronic and acute back and neck pain.


TAMARS’ passive and non-invasive approach involves the use of a hand-held, computer console-controlled device which acts like a “bionic hand”. The device administers a safe, drug-free and non-surgical full spinal treatment which frees and straightens the entire vertebrae, from top to bottom.



This video explains in more detail what TAMARS is and how it works




More about TAMARS treatment



Tamars can be best described as a bionic hand with four fingers that work within three different settings. The procedure is gentle, passive and progressive and allows mobility to be restored to the entire spine.


Spasm Mode: prepares the muscles, starts and commences each treatment.


Reflex Mode: stimulates the para-spinal muscles helping to stress-relieve abnormal curvatures of the spine. This stimulation also aids in the stability of the spine when doing functional movements.


Mobilisation Mode: pressure is applied over diagonally-opposed transverse processes of adjacent vertebra. This is an advanced method of mobilising each spinal joint.


Recent research from the University of Central Lancashire on the effects of TAMARS when used on patients with low back pain has shown that the use of TAMARS provides short and long-term increases in stability of the spine and a reduction in patients’ pain. This study has yet to be published and further studies are being conducted.

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If you watched the video above you can see that it looks like a nice relaxing massage – like those magic fingers portable massagers! It actually looks like it would be a fantastically soothing experience.


It is always good to investigate new options for treating back pain, and TAMARS treatment for pregnancy back pain definitely looks like it has some merit – worst case scenario is that you will have a nice massage!


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