Back Pain Relief In Pregnancy


At least sixty to seventy percent of pregnant women usually get some kind of back pain during their pregnancy. However, it is not at all necessary to suffer constantly until delivery. There are methods that can ease the pain while you are still pregnant.


Pregnancy pain can have a negative impact on your daily lifestyle, from possibly causing missed time from work to making your delivery more difficult.


As we all know, our bodies have a center of gravity which helps us to keep our balance. As soon as the abdomen begins to grow on the mother, this center of gravity is shifted. This affects your posture as you shift your position to compensate for the extra weight. This causes you to sway which puts pressure on the back muscles. These muscles become stiff and tight causing the mother pain. When you stand up in a straight line, it makes the back muscles elongate and stretch naturally. This prevents pain, which is why practicing good posture is important. This is applicable to everyone but especially for pregnant women.



This video introduces a safe, simple and highly effective method of relieving aches and pains in pregnancy using the Bowen Technique. Dr. Carolyn Goh is the author of Bowen For Pregnancy and Labour.



Here is a quick and easy exercise. You should try to align your body in a straight line. Now roll back your shoulders. Your ears should be aligned with your shoulders. Now the muscles of the abdomen need to be contracted or pulled towards the spine. This position should be maintained for as long as you can hold it. It should feel like someone is pulling you upwards, like a puppet on a string.



In this video Dr. Hans provides chiropractic care for a pregnant woman with back pain.




During pregnancy, the muscles of the back and abdomen act together to keep your body supported. When a baby grows in your abdomen the abdominal muscles have a lot more work to do. This forces the back muscles to work overtime. When you practice extending your lower back, it should relax your back muscles and relieve some of your pain.



To avoid back pain during pregnancy, use heating pads, exercise and Tylenol. Avoid back pain during pregnancy with tips from a gynecologist and obstetrician Dr. Jill Hechtman in this video on pregnancy.



Yoga during pregnancy
When you practice yoga during pregnancy, it gives you more control and strength and keeps away back pain. It also tones your body in a way that is needed during pregnancy. It actually makes the lower part of your back stronger.


Rocking your pelvis also makes your abdominal muscles stronger, keeping your back muscles from having to work overtime during pregnancy. So try this exercise regularly to tone your abdominal muscles.


These tips should help to provide back pain relief during pregnancy. for more great tips – grab a free copy of The 7 Day Back Pain Cure – available for a limited time below.




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