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There are various back pain relief products that are available online nowadays. You should make an informed choice and purchase a product that suits the type of pain you suffer from and your own individual needs.


Besides being used for chronic lower back pain relief, the inversion table is also used to increase the blood flow to the brain and increase mental alertness


First of all, there are many books available on this topic that may be helpful to you. They are helpful mainly because they make you more knowledgeable about back pain as a whole. So after reading them, you should know how you can keep away the pain and what precautionary measures you should be taking to keep fit and healthy.
There are inversion tables that are available to relieve the pain. This product actually helps to release the pressure in your back caused by the squeezing of discs. This table takes nerve pressure away and speeds up the flow of your blood. It also hydrates the discs helping healing to take place.



Inversion table review – Watch as Jesse Cannone demonstrates the new inversion table designed by the back pain experts at




If inversion tables don’t work for you or aren’t suited to the type of pain you are experiencing you could try anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs are also useful in relieving the pain. However, do read through the side effects on the label and choose the one that has the least side effects.


Another alternative to an inversion table for relieving the pain is the Trio, an exercising machine which is designed to take off the pressure from your back muscles. This is also an excellent product.



Here’s a review of the Nubax trio product from Steve Heffron from The Healthy Back Institute. This product claims to help relieve and get rid of back pain and sciatica.



Another product designed to treat back pain is the heating pad. The heating pad penetrates heat deep into the area affected, reducing the pain. Due to the heat, the blood flows faster and the affected area is soothed.


There are creams and lotions for rubbing directly onto the area where the pain is. These ointments and creams are effective in giving temporary relief.


With so many products available, it is important to find the correct back pain relief product for you. It should be noted that many of the products listed above are only short term solutions and you should seek medical advice if your symptoms persist.


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