Back Pain Relief Secrets


Among the many back pain relief secrets available, keeping spinal support in a proper manner, and using a quality mattress, which helps in supporting the spine, are essential to get relief from back pain according to the following article. Keeping proper posture while sitting, standing, or in any other activity makes it imperative to support the spine. Mattresses should be firm so that it adequately supports the spine, and it is advisable to change it after every five to seven years. Keeping in mind these two things, you can prevent back pain.



Back Pain Relief Secrets

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Spinal support


The one piece of advice that you’d regularly hear when anyone tells you about how to defeat backache is invariably to improve your posture. Slouching constantly can indeed be harmful, putting 10 to 15 times more pressure on the lower back and leading to chronic pain. But no one can sit or walk in a ramrod straight posture every day (unless of course, you’ve just retired from the military). While being aware of our posture and assuming a fairly erect gait can help, many of us tend to neglect our seating arrangements. “We spend a great of time over a desk, so it’s important to ensure that your chair offers complete back and spinal support, especially in the lumbar, cervical and thoracic area” says Dr T Vivek, consultant orthopaedic and joint replacement surgeon, St Isabel’s hospital, Chennai. “Ideally, your chair should support your neck and your entire spinal column, while allowing you to recline with ease. Your feet should be placed flat on the floor. If you observe a bad posture while you sit or stand, over a period of time, this can translate into chronic pain.”


Mattress matters


You’ll know if your mattress is the culprit if back pain greets you first thing in the morning. Comfort has always been a priority while selecting a mattress, so many of us tend to make the mistake of opting for one that is too soft. “A foam mattress offers no support to the spine and only serves to aggravate a bad back,” says Dr Vivek. “I’d recommend a coir or cotton mattress. Your mattress should be reasonably firm. Sleeping on a very hard surface can damage your back too, so it’s never advisable to sleep on the floor.”


Ideally, you should change your mattress every five to seven years, depending on quality and how much use you’ve gotten out of it. When you’re evaluating a mattress for replacement, assess it’s general wear and tear. Notice especially whether the springs sag and weather it offers firm back support. “Don’t use too many cushions around you,” says Dr Vivek. “It’s a myth that you need to surround yourself in big cushions; these won’t relieve the pain. Be especially wary about the pillow you use for your neck. A thin pillow works best.” Even the way you wake up in the morning can dictate whether you stay pain free. “Never rise with a jerk, even if an alarm is blaring in your ear,” cautions Dr Vivek. “Rise gently, while turning to your side. Place one foot on the floor and support your weight on one hand before you lift yourself up.”


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Maintaining proper posture while undertaking any form of activity means it is important to provide spinal support to get relief from back pain. No more slouching because it increases the pressure on the spinal cord. Those spending long hours in a sitting position should have a chair that offers complete back and spinal support, especially in the thoracic, cervical, and lumbar areas. The chair should support the neck and spinal column, and you should keep your feet flat on the floor while sitting.
Using soft mattresses for comfort can be harmful to the back, as it does not support the spine. Cotton and Coir mattresses are ideal to provide adequate support to the spinal cord, which helps in getting relief from back pain. Do not use too many cushions though, and use a thin neck pillow. While alighting from bed in the morning, gently lift yourself up on one hand, and then step on the floor with one foot forward. These back pain relief secrets can help you immensely.



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A lumber body support alters lumbar muscle recruitment patterns in patients with lower back pain. See the video to see how it works.





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