Back Pain Relief With Correct Posture


When you are suffering from back pain, the most important decision that you will need to make is the correct method of treatment. While making a decision, try to become educated about all of the different kinds of treatment available. There are various kinds of treatment for back pain, and maintaining the correct posture with the right kind of stretches and exercises is one of them.


So, let us discuss the benefits of back pain relief with correct posture. Now, how do you deal with incorrect posture and maintain a correct one? A physiotherapist is the best person to consult for this. So, once you are done with your treatment, you will need to keep yourself going by maintaining a good posture and doing regular exercises to support this. Practicing your exercises and maintaining a good posture will help your back recover and reduce your chances of future back pain.


Back Pain Relief With Correct Posture

Correct posture is critical in prevention of back pain

Correct posture is most important first step in reducing, preventing and abolishing neck and back pain.


The most important factor in the full recovery and prevention of future back problems is simply good posture!


The most common problem that a healthcare provider will see is a displacement of an inter-vertebral disc, and the main reason for this is poor posture.


Consider that most of the activities we perform in a typical day are flexion oriented or bending forward. Look around; people are sitting with poor posture, bending forward and protruding their head to get a better look at what they are reading, or slouching as they are sitting at the computer or watching television. Correcting poor posture is the key to a pain-free life.


Fortunately, correcting your posture is a fairly easy endeavor.


Start by sitting on the edge of a chair or stool, unsupported. Now slouch; then begin to correct your posture by regaining the hollow or lordosis in your low back, and sit erect. Contract the muscles in your spine; pull your shoulder blades back to reduce the roundness of your shoulders; pull your head back; then retract it to a neutral position so your ears are above your shoulders. This is the correct position.


You should feel a strain in your neck and back muscles while holding this position because this is the extreme of the correct position. What you must do now is relax 10 percent from that extreme, so you no longer feel the strain. This is the position you want to maintain throughout the day.


Ten percent relaxed from the extreme of this position will feel more comfortable, but still awkward. You are likely saying to yourself, “No one sits this way, and I look awkward, as if I am pushing my chest too far out.” You may feel this way, but you actually look taller, younger and as though you’ve lost 10 pounds. This is the posture that you want to maintain throughout the day to reduce the stresses on your neck and back.


Many people in healthcare talk about a strong core that prevents or reduces back pain, but unfortunately, this is not true. We do need strong muscles in our stomach and our back, but just having those strong muscles does not mean we have correct posture or are preventing back pain.


A strong muscle means three things:


You have the strength to get into that position of erect posture

You have the mobility in the joints to achieve that position

You have the endurance.


The part most people lack the most is endurance — you achieve endurance by practicing endurance. Even a strong core with endurance does not provide the protection that you need. In substituting “strong” and “weak” with “on” and “off,” if the muscles are turned “on” they begin to protect the spine and prevent back pain; however, once we become distracted and work on the computer, text a friend, or watch TV, we have a tendency to turn those muscles “off.” They then become weak, and no longer offer support.


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When you suffer from back pain, the doctor tries to find out the reasons your back is causing this pain. The doctor will try to locate the exact part of the spine that is causing the pain. Any displacement of the spine is mainly due to bad posture. So, you will be encouraged to correct your posture in your day-to-day life, such as when you sit when reading a newspaper, working at a computer, or watching a television. This will be necessary to get a life that is free of body pain. Practice the correct sitting or standing posture all of the time, as discussed earlier.


The right posture may often look awkward, but this is actually the key to improving your back pain. When you use all of your muscles appropriately, they become supple from your moment because you loosen them up; otherwise, your muscles will become tired and lazy, and will not adequately support your spin, which will lead to pain and complications. So, get the back pain relief with correct posture by practicing it all the time.


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