Back Pain Treatment With Laser Therapy


If you are one of those people that has tried everything for your lower back pain, check out this new back pain relief technique world renowned back specialist Dr David H Cauble. It involves a back pain treatment with laser therapy. There have been many ‘alternative’ therapy options for lower back pain relief, however often many don’t work.


If you are desperate though, it is advised to try ANY of the new techniques out there. Some of these in the past have been autologous blood injections, cortisone injections and the like. They are designed with one thing in mind – to promote healing.


It seems this new method comes under that category – the laser is aimed at the site of the pain and is meant to stimulate healing. It sounds great, but at this point it may be available only at limited locations – mainly in the USA. we will keep an eye on this one and if the good results continue. We will bring you more information on where you can get the treatment.

Meanwhile, here is the article in its entirety:


Back Pain Treatment With Laser Therapy



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Back Pain Treatment With Laser Therapy Can Help You Get Back Pain Relief Faster

Renowned back pain relief specialist Dr. David H. Cauble DC has added a breakthrough new laser pain treatment in his Orange County practice to help patients suffering from tendinitis, whiplash injury, spinal injury, and other pain caused by auto accidents and other trauma.


The breakthrough new treatment is the Class 4 laser, which is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to safely, rapidly and effectively decrease pain, swelling and inflammation. It works via “cold laser” to accelerate metabolic activity at the cellular level, and in turn trigger injured cells to rapidly absorb photons of light and, ultimately, heal themselves. Patients typically report improvements in less than six Class 4 laser treatments. Patients suffering from chronic pain have also reported improvements.


“The reason we’re using the Class 4 laser in my practice is simple: the results are incredible,” commented Dr. Cauble. “It’s very important for people to know about this breakthrough laser pain treatment – especially since, partly due to the high costs of the equipment, there are only a handful of doctors and physical therapists offer it to their patients.”


While the Class 4 laser is often used to help victims of auto accidents manage pain caused by neck and back trauma, it’s also used by all National Football League teams and most other professional sports teams across the country to address joint pain and musculoskeletal pain.


“For years, my patients have complained that cortisone shots and typical physical therapy treatments like electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound and so on have failed to give them lasting pain relief,” added Dr. Cauble. “Now with the Class 4 laser, we have a breakthrough treatment that is highly effective in helping the body heal itself from painful and restricting conditions. And on a personal level, I suffered from tennis elbow for 15 months – and the only thing that ended the pain was Class 4 laser treatments.”


So there you go – sounds good doesn’t it? Any type of technique that stimulates healing and cell repair seems to be a good option. The only thing you have to lose is your back pain. Most of us with chronic lower back pain will try anything, however many simply don’t work – but as most of you know- you’ve got to be in it to win it!


If you want to get regular updates on this new back pain treatment with laser therapy be sure to come back and visit us again as we will be following this story and technique closely over the coming months.


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