Causes Of Lower Back Pain


This article looks at the five main causes of lower back pain. Sciatica is a pain resulting from a herniated disc due to poor posture, especially while sitting for long periods. Narrowing of the nerve openings around the spinal cord and overstretching the muscles may lead to back pain.
Other causes are back arthritis and abnormal discs. Lumbar disc degeneration may also be a factor for lower back pain, but there is a chance of improvement. Herniated disc causes compression of the nerve root and depending on the distribution of the nerve, those areas of the body may experience pain. One of the main causes is sitting for long hours, which can be a particular issue for sedentary workers or people who work alone. Work requirements and our psychosocial environment may be additional factors causing back pain.
Having a positive attitude and independence may lessen the pain and extend the periods in between bouts of back pain to remain pain-free for a longer period.



Causes Of Lower Back Pain

Back pain often develops without a specific cause that your doctor can identify with a test or imaging study

There are five main causes of low back pain. A pinched nerve, also known as sciatica, is usually caused by a herniated or slipped disc. Pain may be myofascial in origin due to poor posture, prolonged sitting at a computer, or other job-related tasks.


A narrowing of the nerve openings, either around the spinal cord or nerve roots, can cause back and leg pain. This reduces the distance a person can walk.


Localised pain can arise when an area is stretched or its muscles overused.


Back arthritis can affect the joints, and result in stiffness and pain.


Back pain can be isolated to the lower back or associated with pain that radiates from the back to the buttocks and down into the leg.


There are various grades of disc wear and tear. Once a disc is abnormal, it will always be abnormal. That does not necessarily mean that it will continue to be painful. Often, a torn and painful disc improves with time.


Many individuals with abnormal discs seen on MRI scans have never experienced back or leg pain. If you have an acute onset of lower back pain and are diagnosed with lumbar disc degeneration, there is a good chance most of your symptoms will improve within a year.


A herniated disc can compress on the nerve root, causing sciatica. Depending on the nerves that are compressed, pain can be experienced at different locations. This is known as the dermatomal distribution.


The cause of an episode of localised back pain, on the other hand, is more difficult to pinpoint.


Pressure in the disc increases with sitting and this can worsen back pain. Lying down puts the least amount of pressure on the disc, so you might find relief from your pain in that position. To compound the problem, work requirements and one’s psychosocial environment can interact and worsen the back pain.


Psychological factors can affect our experience of back pain and lead to worry, anxiety, and depression. Activity promotes healing and decreases disability.


Chronic back pain is a psychosomatic (“mind-body”) condition. Dependence, depression and frustration may make the pain worse, whereas a positive attitude and a sense of independence may lessen the pain.


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Suffering any of the five main causes of lower back pain is no fun to say the least. What many of the causes have in common is the debilitating pain and difficulty patients have in dealing with their complaint after they have succumbed to back pain. Prolonged sitting, work requirements and psychosocial environment are all factors leading to aggravation of back pain.



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