Chronic Back Pain Relief


Patients suffering from chronic pain usually get used to the fact that they have to live with the pain throughout their lives. However, this is not always the case, research has proven to be helpful for some patients as researchers have managed to find some methods of treatment that will relieve their pain.

Back pain lasting more than six weeks is known as chronic back pain.


Patients whose pain has not been treated for a longer period are at a disadvantage, as the chance of getting some benefit from such a treatment is reduced. This is because the constant pain affects the immune system, causing problems and negative results. Due to the discomfort of the pain, the process of healing is delayed. This in turn can result in depression and distress for many patients.


Dr. Nelson Vetanze of Omni Chiropractic in Aurora, Colorado provides techniques for chronic back pain relief.



There are different pain management techniques that help patients to get a great deal of relief from chronic back pain. There is a study that is very systematic in managing the pain. Firstly, the exact reason for pain and the patterns of pain are studied and diagnosed. Then, the treatment is finalized. After that the patient is evaluated regularly and they are taught how to prevent future pain. After the patient is cured, they are rehabilitated for a period of time to help them return to their normal life.



Doctor Schechter  MD, physician and researcher for Seligman Medical Institute discusses chronic back pain, its treatment, Tension Myositis Syndrome, mind-body connection, stress and the psychology of back pain.



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