Exercises For Lower Back Pain


Taking care of your back is one of the most important things that you can do in your daily life in order to avoid the common ailment of lower back pain. One method which helps to prevent suffering is to practice certain exercises for lower back pain. These exercises are actually very easy to do and can be practiced at home with the guidance of a fitness instructor or a physiotherapist.


Low back pain is very common among adults and is often caused by overuse and muscle strain or injury


There are different kinds of exercises that can be tried to prevent you from having pain. Aerobic exercise is one kind of exercise which can be practiced as part of this method. This kind of exercise is useful for making your heart stronger. It also helps strengthen the rest of your muscles. This is why aerobic exercise is helpful as it helps you to recover more quickly. If you wish to pay specific attention to your back muscles and leg muscles compared to any other part of your body, you can do selected exercises that will strengthen particularly these muscles. There are also exercises that help these muscles stretch and these kinds of exercises are very useful in making your back stay fit and strong.


In the following video, Shane Mangrum, Doctor Of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation demonstrates an exercise called the “founder exercise.” This exercise is an essential exercise for low back pain.



However, there are certain exercises that might make your pain worse. Therefore it is very important that these exercises are avoided. This includes sit ups that are performed straight legged; sit ups that are performed with bended legs and touching your toes when you are standing. Other exercises that aren’t mentioned here can also affect your pain, that is why it is important to seek advice from medical professionals on what exercises you should perform.



Here Jesse Cannone from the Healthy Back Institute demonstrates lower back pain exercises and explains how you can get lasting relief from lower back pain if you know which exercises are right for your condition.



When you help yourself to stay active by doing regular exercises like swimming, cycling, walking and yoga, it helps a lot to relieve your back pain. When your stomach, legs and back muscles are strong, it actually helps to keep the pressure on the discs in the spine low and thus relieves you of your pain.
You will need to get advice from your doctor to make sure that you will not make your pain worse by doing exercises that were not meant for you. Therefore it is extremely important an exercise program is created which is suited to you and your condition.
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