Exercise For Back Pain Relief


Sugi Health and Fitness methods, originating from Japanese therapy, have been found to be effective forms of exercise for back pain relief as described in this article. These exercises are more mentally based where people are taught to make prudent changes in their emotional view on life. These exercises are aimed at finding the emotional level and the connection it has towards our physical expression. It is aimed at helping people to recognize their present or past emotions, which has caused that physical expression.



Exercise For Back Pain Relief

Exercises to reduce low back pain are not complicated and can be done at home without any special equipment

“Our basic philosophy is, we want to help people create lifestyles that are free from pain and stress,” said Amy Erez, who, with her husband Ofer, offer a series of techniques and disciplines called Sugi Health and Fitness.


The name Sugi (with a hard ‘g’) was selected because it represents the cedar tree in Japanese, Amy said, and their last name, Erez, means cedar in Hebrew. But Sugi also means eternity, holiness and peace in Japanese, and those reflect the goals of the Sugi Health and Fitness methods.


“We help people to make changes in the way they think, act, move and relate emotionally, and the choices they make in their lives, so they can live higher quality lives,” Amy said. “We have a variety of ways we do that. We have similar but varied backgrounds in terms of training. I work a lot more with people on the emotional level and looking at the connection of what they’re experiencing physically, and what their emotional process is. If someone comes with in physical pain, I can help them recognize how their emotions, either past or present, experiences of stress have helped create that physical expression. We might use a combination of spiritual counseling and hands-on energetic work, moving the energy to help them release the physical pattern.”


While Amy works on the emotional aspects of pain, Ofer provides his own style of yoga, in which he emphasizes skill of movement rather than exertion. His style is a combination of yoga and the Feldenkrais method, tailored to his own theory that “progress is not dependent upon the amount of effort you put in. Fitness can be improved without the effort associated with it. There is a whole set of techniques I’ve developed for working with people. As a baby, you couldn’t play the piano, but now you train yourself to do that. Almost any movement in life had to be learned. If it’s a skill, it can be improved without putting so much effort into it. I’ve gotten more and more into viewing the way people move and their health, aches and pains, as a result of insufficient skill of movement.”





It is easy to be skeptical about the idea that certain alternative treatments will beat back pain compared to taking medication to block the neurological pain pathways. An effective exercise for back pain relief is Sugi, which is an exercise that helps people recognize their emotional level, and then make changes in their way of life relating to moving, thinking, and acting.
Sugi Health and Fitness programs are aimed at improving the lifestyles of people, and do so in such a way as to help them work on their emotional level while looking at the connection to their physical expression. A combination of spiritual counseling and hands-on energetic work provides sufficient energy to overcome physical conditions relating to lower back pain.
A combination of Yoga and Feldenkrais method also helps in the process. This therapy suggests that there should be improvement in the skill of movement associated with emotional control, which will help in bringing relief to lower back pain.



This simple ‘how to’ video shows you how to do several spinal twists to relieve low back pain as demonstrated by Elaine Masters – Yoga Teacher & Trip Wellness Specialist.




Another video demonstrating lower back pain relief exercises by Physical Therapy TV. It includes easy home exerciss you can do for chronic lower back pain.


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