Exercise For Fast Pain Relief


Medical counseling and disability evolution are important to provide mental strength to people who unable to work due to lumbar injury. Keeping active with exercises for spinal soreness is what the counseling is all about, and trials on blue and white-collar employees suffering from back soreness have established the hypothesis according to this news item. Exercise for fast pain relief is recommended together with other alternative therapies. Maintaining a regular blood flow, especially to the muscles damaged due to strain and stress, is necessary for convalescing from a mild lower back injury. Exercise can work wonders for mild pain in the lower back, as the body has its own healing capability, and movement can be helpful in compensating for the injured areas. Medical advice to keep active induces mental strength as well as reduces mental stress.



If your back is hurting, your pelvis (hips) might be out of alignment causing your spine to hurt. This video gives you two great pelvic relief exercises for aligning your pelvis quickly and effectively. By Dr. Laura Fields – Doctor of Sports Physical Therapy at SpineCareFitness.com





Exercise For Fast Pain Relief

Regular exercises to restore the strength of your back and a gradual return to everyday activities are important for your full recovery.

Mar Du Bois, MD, and Pater Donceel, MD, PhD, of KatholiekeUniversiteit Leuven in Belgium studied 506 workers on sick leave with an official diagnosis of low back pain. Half of the workers were randomly assigned to receive counseling and disability evaluation while the other half received a standard disability evaluation only.


The workers receiving counseling were encouraged to avoid bed rest and stay active with daily normal activities. They were also reassured that back pain is likely to resolve itself with time.


Within two weeks of diagnosis, the counseling group was assigned a medical examination. Follow-up physical examination occurred at intervals of three to four weeks until work was resumed for up to one year.


The control group received the disability evaluation at three months after sickness. They did not receive any other oral or written feedback.


Researchers collected data on return to work rates, sick leave recurrence, subsequent surgery and sick leave duration.


The groups contained both blue collar and white collar workers although almost 80 percent of all participants were blue collar workers.


The study found that receiving counseling and disability evaluation by a medical advisor resulted in less sick leave than disability evaluation alone. At the end of the study, four percent of workers in the counseling group had not returned to work compared to eight percent in the control group.


The result is due to lower rates of repeated medical leave episodes in the counseling group. Only 38 percent in the counseling group experienced a relapse compared to 60 percent in the control group.


The groups had a similar rate of surgery and duration of sick leave.


Researchers hypothesize that a medical professional’s advice to remain active makes the claimant more positive and optimistic about their diagnosis. This optimism decreases mental stress, spinal loading and risk of injury.


Diane Shiao, PT, MSPT, DPT of Revive Physical Therapy and Wellness in Edison, New Jersey points out that this study included patients who likely had cases of muscles strain, ligamentous sprain, stress, or inflammation. These cases are mild in comparison to more serious conditions like sciatica.


“The milder the case of low back pain the easier the healing,” said Dr.Shiao.


“The body is always on the mend and can compensate quickly for an injured area. If sufficient blood flow is maintained through active but careful movement and the patient is generally positive, a mild case of low back pain can resolve on its own.”


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Medical professionals often advise on body movement through exercise for fast pain relief, as staying active is essential for maintaining proper blood flow to repair the damaged muscles and reducing back pain. Whenever you feel mild pain in the lower back, do not ignore it, and get medical attention for timely intervention. Try to remain active and try exercises to help with back soreness. Nature often has its own way of making things better.



Yoga workout for low back pain stretches routine for beginners. By Lori Massad-Koska, R.Y.T. from TotalWellnessAustin.com




This video from the Egoscue Clinic in Austin, Texas – Three exercises you can try if you are suffering from low back pain.





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