Exercise For Kayaking And Lower Back Pain


While going kayaking, you should follow exercises to get your body in shape. Try to avoid back injuries while enjoying the sport. Exercises which involve cardio-vascular endurance are important for keeping fit. Swimming is an excellent exercise for cardio-vascular endurance. Running is another way to enhance the heart rate, which increases your endurance as well as other aerobic exercises. While kayaking, you will need strong legs and arms, so arm and leg exercises are important for this sport.


Yoga exercises, such as the sun salutation and the cobra position, are very helpful in keeping your back muscles strong and flexible. Doing Pilates will help you immensely, and it will improve your balance and help you to have a tight grip and control in the kayak so that you can manoeuvre it with ease, even in rough waters. These fitness training programs are aimed at improving your body posture, and these programs prevent injury to the neck and the back. This exercise for kayaking and lower back pain may be done three times a week, altering the workouts each day. Kayakers should strictly follow a regular routine to keep them fit during the entire season.


 Exercise For Kayaking And Lower Back Pain

exercise for kayaking

The same exercises that make you stronger in the kayak can help you with back pain
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It’s the time of year when you can start thinking about getting out your summer toys and getting ready for some fun and physical activity in the sun.


Whether you’re a veteran kayaker or just considering trying out the sport this season, here are four exercises to get your body in shape and to make that first trip out on the water a more enjoyable one:


Cardiovascular endurance


Nearly all physical activity requires a level of cardiovascular endurance–and kayaking is no exception. Hopefully, you’ve been performing some type of aerobic activity over the winter season, but, even if you haven’t, it’s not too late to begin.


If you have access to an indoor pool before the weather warms enough to get outside, swimming is one of the best endurance exercises there is. It’s also low-impact and practically risk free. Running is another great way to increase your endurance, but any type of physical activity that gets your heart rate going for at least 20 to 30 minutes at a time will do the trick.


When the weather is bad, I’ve been known to turn up the tunes and dance for a half an hour. It’s fun as well as being a great aerobic exercise.


Strength training


Upper-body strength is key for kayaking, but you’ll also need strong leg muscles for optimal performance. TheSeaKayaker.com offers an excellent detailed strength workout for your entire body. For best results, perform the exercises three days a week allowing your body to rest in between workouts.




Yoga is another excellent exercise for kayakers. It will help prevent both lower back pain and fatigue. The sun salutation pose will help keep your muscles flexible, while the cobra position is excellent for your back muscles.




Nearly all physical activity can benefit from a stronger core, and Pilates is one of the best ways to do this. It will improve your balance and ability to hold onto your kayak, and even improve your posture, a big benefit while you’re out on the water. This can really help as you navigate the kayak through the water, especially while paddling through rough waves.


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Here is a brilliant 9 minute video demonstrating some excellent exercises that will strengthen your core for kayaking and general back pain relief.



And some fantastic yoga instruction for core strengthening and flexibility for kayakers.



Physical workouts are the best way to keep yourself fit, especially if you are kayaking during the upcoming season. Running, swimming, yoga, Pilates, and exercises that improve your cardio-vascular endurance will help you to keep fit throughout the kayaking season. To keep fit while kayaking, and to efficiently guide your kayak through troubled waters, you need to strengthen your back muscles. Follow yoga strictly, especially the sun salutation and the cobra pose, which is effective exercise for kayaking and lower back pain.


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