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The suffering from back pain is not only reserved for the elderly but occurs in people of all ages, young or old. This is mainly due to the modern lifestyle and the changes in our lifestyle due to many scientific inventions and technology. Advances in science have made our life easier but along with this, science has brought side effects like back ache.



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Home remedies can help prevent and soothe back pain. Learn the simple measures you can take to keep your back healthy and pain-free


We all know that the weight we carry around on our body is borne by our back. That is why people who are overweight tend to get this problem quite easily, as the excess weight of their body causes extra stress on the lower back. There are of course other various reasons for a person to suffer from this ailment. There are some things that you can do at home to avoid back pain – these are discussed below.



Pennsylvania chiropractor Dr. Rustin Glass provides information on home remedies for back pain treatment in this video.



There are a number of home remedies for back pain. The first thing is to reduce the weight of your body if you are overweight. Also, garlic and eucalyptus oil are excellent for your back if they can be massaged onto it. Include vitamin C in your daily diet because a deficiency in this can make your pain worse. You can also take a towel and soak it with hot salted water. Then squeeze it hard and put it over your back to get relief. If you can practice these easy to do remedies then they may give much relief from pain.



Here is another video providing a few simple yet golden tips for home remedies for back pain by chiropractor Dr. Brad Shook from Hickory North Carolina.


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