Lower Back Pain Relief Stretches For Golf


Golf is a sport that often puts physical strain on players resulting in back pain and their back becoming stiff. In these cases, stretching exercises can do the trick. Lower back pain relief stretches for golf are excellent ways to get rid of back pain caused by playing golf.


These stretches can even be done while at work sitting on your chair, if you do not have enough time exclusively for doing these stretches. Dynamic stretching programs are suggested by doctors and experts to keep golfers’ backs healthy, strong, and flexible. Some of these stretching exercises include stretching while seated, stretch of the hamstring while seated, and twist stretches while seated, and so on.



 Lower Back Pain Relief Stretches For Golf

Lower Back Pain Relief Stretches for Golf

Lower Back Pain Relief Stretches for Golf Will Help You Play More Relaxed

Golf can be a sport for life, but you might think twice about pulling out your clubs if a day on the links means a week or more of pain.


A powerful swing is a sight to behold, but it isn’t by accident – it takes practice and a body that is up to the challenge. It’s a matter of strength and flexibility. Strong hip and abdominal muscles, flexible hamstrings and shoulders and a stable back aren’t going to get you an invite to the PGA Tour, but they will help make the golf season more pleasant than painful.




It’s not how much you stretch that matters, it’s how you stretch.


“Research suggests performing more of a dynamic stretching program rather than static stretching,” said Jennifer Ambos, senior physical therapist at the Kettering Sports Medicine Center in Tipp City. “Golf is a tri-planar sport, meaning we move in a 3-D manner, in all three planes or directions. To train for golf, we must lift and stretch in all three planes of motion.”


Tri-planar stretches involve the sagittal plane (front-to-back movement), the frontal plane (left and right movement) as well as the transverse plane, which refers to movement in any angle of rotational pattern.


“Lifting and stretching for golf should look and feel like the golf swing,” Ambos said. “So, lift weights and stretch in the same manner and arc as the golf swing.”


Stretching doesn’t have to take a long time to be effective. As little as three to five minutes of dynamic stretching can pay off.


“It’s not the length of time, it’s doing the right stretches to get the muscle and tendon units firing,” Ambos said.


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Tri-planner dynamic stretches are an excellent stretch program to enable a golfer to be comfortable in all of the three planes of movement. Back pain results from damage to the nerves that are found at the lower end of the spine. Stretches like hamstring stretches and stretches of the piriformis are effective. Exercises such as sliding on the wall with your back touching the wall, or those that involve rotation of your trunk, and stretching of your hips while seated are some of the common stretching exercises that can be performed by yourself at home. You do not really need any expensive equipment for doing these stretches.


Lower back pain relief stretches for golf are really a must for players of golf to keep their back and spine fit and healthy. The precautions can always be taken so that the players donot get this pain at all in the first place.


For more information on getting back pain relief with golf, and any other sports for that matter, have a read of The 7 Day Back pain Cure by back expert Jesse Cannone. The free book is available on this website.




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