Sports That Cause Back Injuries


Some summer recreational activities, which are included in sports that cause back injuries might have hazardous effect on the alignment of the spine according to this article. While indulging in water sports, swimming, and splashing in the water are the best activities, while skiing on water can cause substantial damage from compression of the spine including whiplash. Excessive running can too much pressure on the spine and result in compression of the spine and continuous back pain. Backpacking causes excess weight being placed on the spine causing compression of the spinal cord and lower back pain. Playing golf can be harmful to the back when the ground is uneven, and playing the game without positioning the body correctly is equally problematic.



Sports That Cause Back Injuries

Most acute back pain is mechanical in nature — the result of trauma to the lower back. Pain from trauma may be caused by a sports injury

Here are four summer recreational activities that can cause damage that may feel like soreness, but may turn out to be more serious. Each activity possesses hazards to the alignment and structure of the spine.


Water Sports

Swimming and having fun in the water are normally the best activities for maintaining back health. The weightlessness of water removes the impact associated by dry land activities. Unless, of course, you are being towed behind a motor boat at 20-25 mph. Impact from water skiing (and its other variations) can lead to substantial damage from spinal compression and whiplash. If pain does not decline in a few days, have it looked at.


Excessive Running

With the beautiful summer weather, it is easy to do an activity that you love too much. Runners, in particular, can just put on too many miles in their quest for ultimate fitness. The repetitive pounding of running can cause spinal compression, particularly in the lower back. Make sure to take days off to be able to assess the nature of lingering back pain.



Walking for miles on uneven ground, by itself, is a recipe for some kind of pain in the back. Add to that a pack that can weigh upwards of 50 pounds and the danger to back health is obvious. Be sure to take frequent rests on the trail and learn how to use the straps for shifting the weight between the shoulders and hips. Pain that refuses to subside for days after a hike can mean spinal compression.



Many people don’t take golfing for the athletic activity it truly is. Of course carrying a bag on your back would seem an obvious cause for back pain, but swinging a club on uneven surfaces possess hazards as well. What’s worse is that since people don’t approach golf as a sport, they are often ill-prepared physically. Bad habits and inattentiveness can lead to some pretty serious spinal alignment issues.


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There are some sporting activities during the summer that can be damaging to the spine causing spinal compression. Water skiing and excessive running puts pressure on the spine resulting in its compression. Backpackers traveling with heavy bags on their back are prone to lower back pain, and while playing golf, a casual body stance may result in bending the spine. All these sports that cause back injuries due to the compression of the spine. It is advisable to avoid water skiing at high speed, too much running, changing the bag from one shoulder to the other, and maintaining proper posture while playing golf. All of these matters would probably take the fun out of summer. The pain that you might feel initially may feel like soreness, and if it persists, you should consult a doctor.



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