Lower Back Pain Relief With Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


Scientists are constantly researching treatments to cure back pain. Lower back pain relief with hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one such treatment that has been invented that is being closely monitored by researchers. This therapy involves breathing oxygen at a greater pressure than the oxygen available in the atmosphere. When the patient breathes oxygen that is pressurized, it gets into the bloodstream to be quickly distributed all over the body by the circulatory system. This intake of oxygen is about fourteen times more than what we normally take in through normal breathing.


Here are more details about the treatment which is supposed to speed up recovery times.



 Lower Back Pain Relief With Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Lower Back Pain Relief With Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Lower Back Pain Relief With Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Is A New Technology That Works For Some Patients

The most frequently used medications, narcotic and non-narcotic analgesic drugs (e.g., morphine, ibuprofen, etc.), do not provide complete or sustained relief of chronic pain. Scientists are currently seeking alternative solutions for chronic pain management.


One possible solution is hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2) therapy, which is the clinical application of pure oxygen at higher-than-atmospheric pressure for limited time periods to achieve beneficial results. The FDA has approved HBO2 treatment for certain conditions such as decompression sickness (the ‘bends’) and carbon monoxide poisoning but not for pain specifically.


Yangmiao Zhang, a graduate student in the laboratory of Raymond M. Quock, Ph.D., Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Washington State University, evaluated whether relief of neuropathic pain could be enhanced by increasing the number of HBO2 treatments. Male rats were injected and tested on their paws for pain thresholds at four different times. Twenty-four hours after the last injection, rats were treated with a 60-minute period of room air (the control), or HBO2. Rats that underwent the most number of HBO2 treatments (four 60-minute treatments) recovered approximately 7 days earlier than rats who received a single treatment.


Quock concluded, “While most other HBO2 pain studies focus on inflammatory mechanisms, we believe that HBO2 also reduces pain by acting in the brain. Studying the mechanism of how HBO2 can reduce neuropathic pain can reveal molecular targets in the brain and possibly stimulate the development of new drugs that act on the same targets for long-term relief of chronic pain.” This research was supported by Washington State University.


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The use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment increases the concentration of oxygen throughout the body beyond the levels that naturally occur. The treatment is used to treat different kinds of health disorders and diseases. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is useful for patients suffering from lower back pain. As discussed earlier, the greater number of times this treatment is applied, the quicker the body gets its healing response. It is also believed by some medical practitioners who deal with patients suffering from back pain that the treatment acts on the brain to reduce its ability to acknowledge pain.


When the oxygen reaches the depths of the tissues, pain symptoms appear to be reduced. The treatment also found that new blood vessels grow faster. Effectively, oxygen is increased in the body along with the delivery of the nutrients required for repair and growth. So, when the natural ability of the body’s healing power increases with this treatment, the patient will have the benefit of a shorter amount of healing time.


Therefore, lower back pain relief with hyperbaric oxygen therapy has proved to be an alternative treatment for patients. It is also a cost-effective enhancement treatment carried out for the relief of back pain.


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