Natural Back Pain Relief Tips


Following some natural back pain relief tips, you can stay away from the discomfort of acute and chronic pain according to this article. These natural home remedies include avoiding sitting for long periods, using heating pads for fomentation, taking fresh Ginger pieces, and decoction of Basil leaves.
Take foods that are rich in vitamin C, such as Strawberries and Tomatoes, and take honey mixed with warm water in the morning. Have Garlic cloves, by either crushing them or mixing them with boiled milk, or use them during a massage by frying them in Sesame oil and applying the mixture on the sore parts of the body after filtering and cooling the mixture. Use a hard bed for sleeping and avoid a sedentary lifestyle.
While lifting weights, take care to bend the knees first. Apply fomentation by using rice boiled in milk, and make a bundle out of a piece of Cotton cloth. Mix honey with boiled Ginger, and take the water twice a day. Other home remedies include avoiding cold baths or wearing high heel shoes. Application of Turmeric paste is effective. Always consult a doctor before taking any steps involving exercise or DIY natural remedies.



Natural Back Pain Relief Tips

Natural food substances can help sufferers get rid of low back pain

Avoid sitting in the same position for a long time.


Use heat pads.


Always sit in firm chairs.


Take fresh Ginger pieces, 2 to 3 inches long, cut them into smaller pieces and add 2 cups of water to it. Boil it, till the water becomes half. Filter this water and make two parts and take this twice a day.


The decoction of Basil leaves once a day is advisable.


Take foods rich in Vitamin C.


Eat Tomatoes and Strawberries.


Take honey with warm water early in the morning.


Garlic is an excellent home remedy for Backache. It can be taken internally or can be used externally also. Take 3 Garlic cloves, remove its outer cover, crush it, and add it to a cup of milk. Boil this milk, filter it, make two parts of this milk and take this twice a day.


Take 10 Garlic cloves, add it to a little Sesame oil and then fry them. Filter the oil, cool it and then use it for gentle massage of the affected area.


Sedentary life style should be avoided.


People should use hard bed for sleeping.


While lifting weights or any other object, patients should remember that they should bend their knees first.


Cook rice in a little milk. Then put it on a piece of white cotton cloth and tie up the cloth into a small bundle. Give hot fomentation with this on the affected area.


Boil pieces of ginger in some water, filter the water; add honey to it and take this water twice a day.


Avoid cold baths.


Women should avoid wearing high- heeled shoes.


Take Mahanarayan oil; give gentle massage using this on the affected area. If there is an American version of this Muscle pain reliever oil, use it.


Gentle massage of Prasarini Oil is also advisable.


Take one part of lemon grass in 2 parts of coconut oil and apply this externally.


Soak a towel in hot water and then give fomentation on the affected area. It will help to give temporary relief from pain.


Apply a paste of Turmeric powder on the affected area, this helps with inflammation.


Mix the powder of Rasna or Pluchealanceolata or Turmeric and Boswelliaserrata and take this powder 1 teaspoon with water twice a day. If powder is not available take the herbal supplement containing these herbs.


In most cases it is important to take advice of a medical professional. I hope the above natural remedies for backache and related problems help all people that are trying to address this condition





Home remedies have produced excellent results in relieving back pain. There are some natural back pain relief tips, which can work wonders in reducing back pain. Become your own alchemist by using natural ingredients and following certain instructions, which can be done at home, will help you to avoid back pain and muscle aches, but before doing that you should take advice of the doctor.



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