Questions To Ask For Back Pain Relief


Questions To Ask For Back Pain Relief

Questions To Ask For Back Pain Relief Are Not As Obvious As You Might Think

The most important questions to ask for back pain relief are not always so obvious. What is the first question you would ask if you start getting back pain symptoms. The first question should be what is my doctor’s phone number? But how many people actually do that first? Not many.


Most try and self diagnose and become the expert either by asking friends or people they know who have back problems. However there are many different back conditions out there, and what you have may be different to what they have.


Here is an article by a prominent fitness advisor and Pilates expert  in the UK, David Higgins, outlining the important questions you need to ask if you ever start experiencing back pain.



Questions To Ask For Back Pain Relief

What do you think is the single most common reason for people to call in sick? Strategic timing — because it’s the Friday before a bank holiday? I’m afraid not. In fact, plain old back pain is the correct answer.


According to a recent EU survey, in the UK alone, 9.6 million of us suffer from back pain every week. However, and luckily, even long-standing back pain can be successfully treated and managed.


Generally speaking, there are three major places where back problems typically originate: the upper back/neck, lower back and hips. But it can often be difficult to locate the precise area of the problem, as an area of weakness or one which is in spasm often puts extra stress on the surrounding areas. This can make the pain feel more general than localised — particularly when it has been left untreated for too long.


Over the next three weeks I will focus on these locations and what can be done about the problem using specific exercise to tackle overuse injuries and muscle imbalances — two of the most common causes of pain.


If you are one of those 9.6 million sufferers, the following questions will help give you a better idea of what we’re dealing with.


1. Can you isolate the location of the problem or weakness (rather than the pain)? It makes the problem much easier to fix if you can.


2. How long have you had the pain? If it’s a chronic problem, it may take a while to get better. If it’s something you did yesterday, it may clear up in a day or two by itself.


3. If it hurts when you sit at work for long periods, the pain may be caused by the ergonomics of your workplace and general immobility rather than an underlying or pre-existing back problem.


4. If you suffer from numbness/pins and needles or weakness in the limbs, visit your local physiotherapist — sometimes numbness can lead to neural problems.


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So make sure you have the RIGHT questions to ask for back pain relief, as often some sufferers go on for months before they see a medical professional. Many may ask their friends or so called “fitness gurus” who are not actually medically trained and can make thinks worse for the sufferer.


As always, your first port of call is to visit your medical specialist. Another excellent option is to get the book The 7 Day back pain cure by back pain relief expert Jesse Cannone. It is full of the latest information on how to get back pain relief. Sign up to get your book on the top right of the page now.


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