5 Tips For Lower Back Pain After Running


Running is a form of exercise with a high level of impact due to the pounding of one’s feet on the ground at regular intervals. This thumping of your feet on the hard ground continuously causes a sort of shock to be sent to the spine which may cause lower back pain. If one is not careful, this lower back pain could become chronic. There are several steps that you can follow to avoid this back pain after running. The 5 tips for lower back pain after running are:


Whether you are training for a marathon or just getting into the sport, there are ways to reduce low back pain from running.


1/ The first step is to rest and simply take a break from running for at least one or two days. This is done to rest the spine. If you experience back pain regularly it is necessary to rest the muscles in your back for a couple of day before getting back to running. Sports with a lower impact level such as swimming are recommended.



Ken Kashubura of Expert Village demonstrates how treat lower back pain from running by having a professional monitor your running style, and by performing crunches and bridges to help loosen up the related muscles.



2/ The second step to relieve you of lower back pain felt after running is to take about two cups of ice and fill it in a plastic bag or pouch. This should be wrapped in a thin towel and then placed on your lower back for around 20-25 minutes at a stretch. This helps in relieving the pain and can be used whenever necessary. However, one should not fall off to sleep with the pack on your back.
3/ The third step to get some relief from lower back pain is to take medication after consulting with a doctor. He may prescribe some anti-inflammatory drugs or other pain killers. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen are a few examples of such medication. They are very efficient in reducing swelling, pain and any other soreness that may be felt around the spine.
4/ The fourth step is to keep fit and stretch your muscles and joints in order to remain flexible and agile. There are several exercises that one can do in order to reduce this back pain. These exercises should be performed several times a day at different time intervals in order to achieve maximum results.



Runners should stretch before a run to elongate the muscles, improve flexibility and enhance performance. Stretch out the body with tips from a professional fitness trainer Les Whitley of Expert Village.



5/ The last step is to begin running once again slowly at a lower intensity as compared to before. This helps the muscles, ligaments, joints and bones to strengthen gradually.




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