Stretches For Lower Back Pain Relief


There are millions of people out there who plan for their retirement so that they can enjoy this period. Sadly, more than ninety percent of the retirement population suffer from pain in the back and hips. Some are so unwell that they cannot even carry on with their daily life and stay healthy but this also happens to people of all ages, whether young or old. As people plan for their future monetarily, they should also prepare for their future physical health by exercising and performing stretches for lower back pain relief.


Discover the most effective lower back pain stretches for natural back pain relief


There are various stretches to keep your back fit and healthy. Some of them are easily done at home and they do not need any exercise equipment from the gymnasium. These stretches help the back and take away the extra pressure from this portion of the body in order to relieve you from back pain. They help avoid ailments like arthritis from cropping up in your joints too.



Chad Madden from Madden Physical Therapy, demonstrates the top 3 exercises for relief of lower back pain associated with arthritis, stenosis, and DDD.



However, when you exercise and perform these stretches for lower back pain relief, be sure that they do not cause pain. You must know your limits and stretch as far as there is no feeling of pain. If you do indeed feel pain, it is a good idea to dispose of that particular stretch and get advice from regular professionals who work as physiotherapists.



The following video is from Sukie Baxter – a certified and licensed massage practitioner.  If you have been sitting, standing or walking on concrete and you have lower back pain, these back stretches will help to ease the aches and pains.



One of the most important muscles that needs to be stretched is the piriformis. The next most important muscle is the psoas muscle. It is attached to the lower side of the spine. If this muscle gets stiff, the person can find it is difficult to move. It is also a major cause of back pain. So stretching this muscle properly is essential. The next muscle that needs regular stretching and maintenance is the hamstring. This muscle helps in allowing the knee to bend. When there is stiffness in this muscle, a person cannot sit straight, which often results in pain in the back. So strengthening this muscle is very important.



Here are some stretching exercises which can assist in alleviating lower back pain by loosening muscles through the lower back. This video is by Glen Azar – Personal Trainer, Boxing Trainer and Adventure Leader of Fighting Fit Toowoomba, Australia.


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