Stretches to Help with Lower Back Pain Relief


Basic exercises to stretch and strengthen your back and supporting muscles

If you are interested in learning about stretches to help with lower back pain relief, then you must have experienced lower back pain at some point in time. Although, lower back pain is not as serious as it appears it can be quite a nuisance when going on with your daily activities in life. Simple things like applying ice packs can reduce pain and then, when you begin to feel normal, you must begin with some kind of moderate exercise when your doctor informs you that your pain is a result of inactivity and stiffness.


Stretches help relax the muscles and promote flexibility in the lower back. The following stretches would help:


Standing Hip Flexors: stand up straight lift one leg backwards with the toe pointing toward the lower back; hold the leg with both your hands and stretch and do not forget to tighten the gluteus muscles (found in the butt area). Hold the stretch for about 5 seconds and build up to 30 seconds and you could use one hand to support yourself if you find it hard to balance. Repeat the stretch with the other leg.


Hip Flexors (kneeling down lunges): This is an advanced stretch and should be done when you are very comfortable with stretching. Kneel down on both your legs and then lunge your right leg forward while keeping the right foot flat on the floor, support your right knee with both your hands while your left foot rests with pointed toes touching the wall behind you. Once you are comfortable with this level, you could move on to the advanced level where everything is same except that you lift your left foot higher with pointed toes when resting on the wall behind you. Repeat with the left leg.


Seated buttock stretch: Sit on a chair with both feet flat and touching the ground. Now, lift one leg and fold it on your lap with the sole of the foot facing sideways. Place one hand on the knee of the leg folded up and another hand on the ankle area of the same leg. Just move your body a little forward until you feel the stretch along the leg and hip. Hold the stretch for a few seconds and repeat on the other side.


Lying down stretch: Lie down on your back with both legs raised and feet flat on the floor. Now gently lift the right leg and place it on the knee of the left leg while keeping the raised right leg parallel to the ground. The foot of the raised right leg points sideways. Now support the left leg with both your hands and lift it off the ground while you feel the stretch in the right side hip butt and lower back. Repeat the stretch with the opposite leg.


These stretches will build flexibility in your lower back, buttocks and hips and thus promotes a good strong lower back. Make sure before you begin these stretches to consult a doctor and if you have never exercised or stretched in your life to do it under the guidance of a physical trainer.


This short film about healthy computing provides some easy practical exercises to relieve back and neck pain while at work, such as the weightlifters technique, hanging, bending backwards, walking and stretching.





Another video showing lower back pain relief exercises by David Wicker.





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