5 Simple Back Pain Relief Exercises


To get substantial relief from back pain, here are 5 simple back pain relief exercises. In the Frog Leg Release exercise, the legs are only involved, flopping them to the sides. The purpose of the Head Rotation exercise is to relax the neck muscles where it involves rotating the head. In Knee to Chest Leg Release, the knees should be bent, brought towards the chest, and then flopped to a side. This is very much similar to Frog Leg exercise. To limber your hip flexors and the muscles, you must do the side slide exercise where you need to move your legs and knees. The Buttock Squeeze involves squeezing the buttocks while lying down. These exercises to help you with back pain should be repeated in reverse order, while attention should be given to breathe properly. More details are provided in this article.



5 Simple Back Pain Relief Exercises

Regular exercise now can often help prevent debilitating low back pain

1. Frog-Leg Release

On your back in the basic position, take a deep breath and exhale as you let your right leg flop to the side like the leg on a frog. Now slowly bring your right foot forward so that your right knee is pulled back toward the center. When your leg is fully extended, slowly slide it back to the basic position. Do this two more times and then do the same with the left leg three times.


2. Head Rotation

The purpose of this exercise is to relax your neck muscles. On your back in the basic position, inhale through your nose as you drop your head to the left side. When your head is all the way to the side, slowly return it to the central position, while exhaling. Now do the same as you rotate your head to the right side. Do this three times, alternating sides.


3. Knee-to-Chest Leg Release

This exercise is similar to the frog-leg exercise except that it has a knee-to-chest movement before the frog-leg release. On your back in the basic position, inhale as you raise your right knee as far as it can go back toward your chest. Try to keep your chest relaxed as you’re doing this. Do not touch your knee with your hands. Your knee should move up on its own without any help. When it is as far back as it can go toward your chest, exhale slowly as your leg returns to the bent position. Now let your right knee flop to the side like the leg on a frog. Slide your foot down so that your leg straightens. Slide your foot back so that your leg is in the bent-knee position. Do this two more times with the right leg and then three times with the left leg.


4. Side Slide

The side slide exercise is intended to limber your hip flexors and the muscles that extend and flex your legs. Lie on your left side in a relaxed semi-fetal position, with your knees bent but your upper body straight. Keep your upper body straight as you slide your right leg on your left leg up toward your chest. As your right knee passes the lower left knee, let the right knee touch the mat as you continue to slide the right knee toward your chest. Slide the leg; do not lift it. When your right knee has reached maximum movement toward your chest, begin to extend your right leg downward in the opposite direction. When your right leg is completely extended, slide it back to the bent position-the right knee resting on the left knee-and let go of all muscle effort for a moment. Do this exercise two more times with the right leg, then turn onto your right side and do the exercise three times with the left leg. Again, this is a sliding exercise. Do not lift the moving leg-and don’t forget to breathe.


5. Buttocks Squeeze

Lie on your stomach with a pillow underneath your pelvis to support your hips. Breathe in through your nose and squeeze your buttocks for three seconds; then exhale and let go. Do the buttocks squeeze two more times. If you have a problem feeling a tight squeeze, rotate your feet so that the toes are facing outward. As you do so, you will feel more tension in your thighs and buttocks, and when you attempt to squeeze again, you will get a tighter squeeze.


After performing the Buttocks Squeeze, complete level 1 by doing the exercises in reverse order, starting with the Side Slide.


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To get considerable relief from back pain, the Frog Leg Release, Head Rotation, Knee to Chest Leg Release, Side Slide and Buttocks Squeeze are 5 simple back pain relief exercises. While doing these exercises on a regular basis, you must complete the five exercises in short intervals and repeat them in reverse order. It is advisable to take instructions from a physical trainer, if problems arise stop carrying out the exercises. While carrying out these exercises, it is important to breathe properly as instructed. The Head Rotation is to relax your neck muscles, while the side slide is aimed at limbering up the hip flexors and the muscles.



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