Back Pain Relief Exercises And Stretches


back pain relief exercises and stretches

Back pain relief exercises and stretches are helpful in alleviating your pain

Back pain relief exercises and stretches are the best way of avoiding back pain. Due to our modern lifestyle, we often have problems with pain in our body. Long driving hours, long hours in front of a computer at work and too much stress are just some of the causes of back pain. So, changing some of these habits and practicing exercises regularly is extremely important in getting relief from back pain.


Lose those extra pounds off of your body through proper exercises and stretches, and stay healthy to keep free of back pain. Strengthen the muscles of your spine by regular exercise. Also stretch the muscles to correct any misaligned muscles attached to the spine. Now, feel the difference. You could be relieved of back pain in less than 3 weeks.


Here are some pointers on exercises and stretches for back pain relief.



 Back pain relief exercises and stretches

Activity is the key. People with backaches tend to go to bed. However, people who are more active tend to recover more quickly. A patient with back pain should spend no more than 3 days in bed. If the person has leg pain, the doctor may suggest up to 7 days of bed rest. After that, muscles will weaken and actually slow recovery time.


Low-impact aerobic exercises such as walking, swimming and biking should begin within two weeks of experiencing pain, if not sooner. Choose an exercise regimen that suits your lifestyle — and your wallet. Do not rush to join a gym unless you intend to find the time and energy to go regularly. Exercising at home can be just as effective.


Back Pain: Exercises and Personal Habits


However, recent studies suggest that those who go to fitness centres tend to stick to their exercise programs more consistently. Working out in a friendly atmosphere provides a sense of camaraderie, which you may not find exercising at home. If a fitness centre is too costly for your budget, you might try to get a family member or friend to exercise with you. Not only would you get friendly encouragement, but your partner would benefit as well.


Exercise can also be beneficial to those who are overweight. Your back has to support the extra pounds on your stomach. Being overweight will not necessarily cause back pain, but slimming down will ease the strain on your back.


The sooner a patient returns to his or her job — as long as the job does not involve heavy lifting, prolonged sitting, or bending and twisting — the sooner the body tends to recover. Try to achieve a tolerable comfort level while continuing activity; the goal is to disrupt daily life as little as possible. Let pain be your guide in terms of activities. Too strenuous an activity too soon may worsen pain. Make an effort to increase activities slowly so as to avoid chronic pain or work loss. Patients who maintain their activities typically require less medication.


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The root cause of back pain is because of the core muscles that become weak. The core muscles are mainly the muscles that surround the abdomen, the hips, the back, and the buttocks. Regular exercise can strengthen these muscles, and this can prevent back pain. That is why back pain relief exercises and stretches are the key to not getting back pain in the first place. Even if you get back pain, then exercise helps you get relief from the pain. Some of these healthy exercises are brisk walking, running, swimming and stretching exercises,etc.


So, be active, but take care not to be physically overactive. Stretch your body slowly after being at same posture continuously. Relax out the stress, and you should exercise regularly to never face the problems of back pain in your life.


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