Back Pain Relief Tips


Back pain is one of the main causes of absenteeism from work in the US today. Back pain is a complaint that many of us suffer from. We may know somebody, a friend, or a relative suffering from it. It may be caused due to muscle strain, injury, stress, poor posture, lifestyle, and many more reasons.


However, there are some back pain relief tips that can be practiced to avoid back pain. The first thing is to avoid obesity. If your body is overweight, then it puts lots of strain in your body and back. So, exercise regularly to keep your back free of unnecessary strain. The muscles of the body, such as those of the abdomen, provide support to your spine, and they need to be strengthened. If that is done, then it puts less strain on your muscles.


There are preventive measures that can be taken to stay clear of back pain. Here are some back pain relief tips that can be effective for people suffering from back pain. These tips can also help prevent back pain.


Back Pain Relief Tips


Stretches can be simple - as long as you follow the correct technique

Back pain can occur while performing even the simplest of physical activities. Let’s look at some proactive strategies to avoid the onset of debilitating pain.


Use moderation when engaged in physical activity.


Often, time limitations can be the underlying reason for rushing through any physical tasks/ activities. However, be realistic. Take rest times of 30- 60 seconds between sets in a workout and during physical tasks to avoid overstrain and possible injury. Remember to stay hydrated, as well.


Lift with your legs and buttocks (gluteals), not with your back. Regardless of the weight, keep your loads positioned close to your body and core. Your shoulders should be aligned with your hips. Lower and rise with your legs and gluts, while making sure your knees never exceed your toes.  Avoid slouching to one side, arching your back, leaning forwards/backwards or twisting at your waist, which cause imbalance, back strain and a misaligned spine.


Spinal alignment and proper posture are vital. Your body weight should be equally distributed on both sides of your body, while your shoulders remain aligned with your hips, knees, and feet. Keep your toes pointing forward and your knees “tracked” with your feet, which should be a minimum of hip-width apart.


The surface on which you travel makes a difference. Concrete sidewalks and asphalt roads provide more “rebound” in your step. However, there’s more joint impact. Also, asphalt roads are designed with slopes for run-off, causing one foot to roll outward and the other one inward. Your personal foot structure is important, as well. A podiatrist can determinine which surface best suits your foot structure.


Proper footwear is important. Your body’s health is affected by your footwear. Again, a podiatrist can assist you in determining the proper shoe for your foot, arch type and activity.


Your mattress makes a difference. The quality and quantity of sleep you receive affects both your spinal and overall health. Invest in a great mattress! Remember to flip it often to avoid high/ low regions.


Release stress daily. Through daily exercise, you can release stress, which greatly affects spinal and overall health- namely in the upper muscle groups of the back, shoulders and neck.


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Stay flexible. Safe and proper stretching can promote the mobility (Range of Motion) of our joints, increase our flexibility, and thereby decrease the risk of injury.


Strengthen your gluteals and abdominals through a proper, safe exercise program of resistance training. It’s vital to strengthen the muscle groups (abdominals, erector spinae and gluteals) that support your spinal column.


Avoid obesity. Excess weight puts a tremendous strain on our spine and joints. Keep body fat under control through proper daily nutrition and exercise.


In this video Jesse Cannone shows us a very effective stretch to help alleviate back pain.





And here are Dr Mark Wiley shows us some back stretching stretches to do with a partner.






Staying flexible, doing proper stretches regularly; preventing things that put your body and mind under stress, changing your mattress, and using a good quality mattress are some of the back pain relief tips that can make a lot of difference.


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