Center Of Gravity Causes Back Pain During Pregnancy


Back pain during pregnancy occurs in 50-70% of women and is due to the changes in the center of gravity of a woman’s body as her stomach gets larger and shifts the weight in her body lower and forward. When this happens, there is more stress on the spine and muscles around the abdomen and back, and the extra weight and distribution of weight can cause severe back pain.


Many women try massage and yoga to alleviate the pain, but because the center of gravity causes back pain during pregnancy, it is important for expectant mothers to understand why so as to have the best chance of alleviating the associated pain


Center Of Gravity Causes Back Pain During Pregnancy

Center Of Gravity Causes Back Pain During Pregnancy

A Woman's Shifting Center Of Gravity Causes Back Pain During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, approximately 50-70 percent of women experience back pain. While reasons behind the back pain may vary, the majority are due to increased hormones, a change in the body’s center of gravity, gaining additional weight, a change in posture and added stress. Physical therapy can be useful for remedying common discomforts like back pain or for enhancing your body’s ability to have an easier and smoother pregnancy and birth. Physical therapy is not just for recovery. Talk to your health-care provider about incorporating physical therapy into your prenatal care.


So how can physical therapy help? Physical therapists specialize in pain relief. Treatment plans take a comprehensive approach by working on the pain’s triggers, such as posture, joint alignment, muscle strength and flexibility.


A change in your center of gravity affects your posture which causes the muscles to work harder. Increased exertion creates fatigue which leads to decreased motivation to be active. A combination of this can result in added stress. Though it is difficult, the domino effect can be slowed greatly with the help of physical therapy.


Lower back pain is an all too common reality for many expecting mothers. As your baby grows, your center of gravity moves forward. This shift may cause you to slump forward. Over time this poor alignment may cause increased stress on the muscles of the neck, shoulders and mid-back. If these muscular factors are not addressed, it will ultimately result in low back pain, an area which is already under a great deal of stress because it is supporting the increased center of gravity.


The treatments used in physical therapy can improve body mechanics, which can prepare the body for the physically demanding event of delivering a baby. The therapeutic exercise taught in physical therapy can help assist in the recovery process after the delivery as well. It tones muscle which will improve metabolism, decrease the severity of fatigue and assist in reclaiming your pre-pregnant weight.


There are no guarantees, but it is fair to expect your pregnancy and labor to go easier and possibly even quicker by increasing your strength and flexibility. Although a few visits with your physical therapist will be a good start, it is essential to incorporate home exercises into your physical therapy program. Your physical therapist is going to provide you with specific exercises that target what you need to make your pregnancy easier and even healthier. You can also rest assured that your physical therapist will guide you through proper usage of these exercises so that you can reap the most benefits.


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Pregnancy can be a difficult enough ordeal for many women without having to experience the added issues of back pain. As the center of gravity causes back pain during pregnancy, women need to be aware of what to do and what not to do to help the situation.


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