Yoga For Lower Back Pain Relief


Among the methods that can cure lower back pain, yoga is thought by some as the best solution as it involves no drugs and no surgery. There are different types of exercise that can cure back pain like aerobics, etc but it has been found that a yoga regime is the best forms of exercise to relieve people from lower back pain. Yoga sometimes involves customizing the poses to the condition of the patient. The strength of your bones is improved by regular yoga. However, along with the body, yoga also helps to relax the mind. This way, the patient can often be healed quicker than any other method of treatment.


Get yourself into some interesting positions while strengthening your core with yoga.


When pain becomes chronic, it often leads to the mind also suffering. Yoga takes care of both of these aspects of wellbeing. Yoga involves breathing practices and meditation that can actually heal the body and mind. When a person becomes a master in meditation they can control their mind. So when they feel pain, the way they react and deal with the pain becomes different. Yoga makes this possible.



Lori Massad-Koska of Total Wellness Austin demonstrates a yoga workout for beginners with this lower back pain relief stretches routine.


Here are some poses that can help you start in yoga for back pain relief. Firstly, try to make your body into a cow pose by standing on your hands and knees. Do a cow stretch by inhaling slowly and softening your stomach, slowly lifting your head up. Now exhale and come back to your normal position loosening your belly and tailbone. The next position is to lie down on your tummy. Keep your legs together. By extending your arms out in front, slowly slide your hands in and inhale. Now lift the upper part of your body with your head stretching up and backwards. Now slowly relax. There are more of these yoga poses that you can learn directly from a yoga expert. Try doing those which do not cause pain in your body. If while doing any of these poses, you feel pain in any part of your body, stop immediately and get advice from a doctor.



Lead yoga instructor of Essential Chiro Care, Sara Perez, demonstrates basic yoga principles for low back pain in this video.


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